New User Training for Clinicians

Use the new user training outline below to learn how to complete clinical tasks in PCC.

For personalized training, help with configuration, or other needs, contact PCC Support.

Get Started

Learn how to log in, navigate in PCC EHR, and use chat.

Log In to PCC EHR

Navigate PCC EHR

Chat with Colleagues

Review a Patient Chart

Chart a Patient Visit

Patient Intake

Room the patient, review and update patient information, and begin collecting clinical data.

During patient intake, you can also:

  • Record the Patient’s Chief Complaint
  • Record Multiple Measurements of Patient Vitals
  • Update the Patient’s Preferred Pharmacy Information
  • Review and Update the Patient’s Medication History
  • Check if the Patient Needs a Prescription Refill

Chart an Encounter

Record Diagnoses

Create and Complete Medical Procedure, Screening, Lab, and Other Orders

Learn how to order discrete tests, procedures, labs, handouts, and more, create tasks from those orders and assign them to your coworkers, and mark orders as complete when all the tasks are done.

Order and Administer Immunizations

Send Out for Labs and X-Rays

Find and Share Handouts with Patients

Complete Visit Tasks and Order Follow-Ups

Prescribe Medications

Record patient medications and allergies, prepare or renew prescriptions, automatically check for patient safety before printing or electronically sending prescriptions to the pharmacy, and customize PCC eRx to your preferences.

Prepare an Encounter for Billing

When a visit, phone call, or other billable encounter is finished, prepare it for billing.

Sign Encounters, Orders, and Results

Ensure that providers review and sign chart notes and results.

Communicate with Patients and Take Messages

Learn how to take notes during patient phone calls, send text messages to patients and families, and communicate with patients and families through the patient portal.

Work with Phone Notes

Send Text Messages to Patients and Families

Communicate with Patients and Families through the Patient Portal

Exchange Clinical Records

Electronically exchange patient records with other healthcare providers.

Import, Work With, and Share Patient Documents and Forms

Learn how to get documents into PCC EHR, attach them to patient charts, and generate forms for patients and families.

Perform Telemedicine Encounters

Schedule, check-in, and manage the flow of telemedicine visits like a pro in PCC EHR.

Work in Patient Charts from Any Web Browser or Mobile Device

Upload photos, record vitals, and make other updates to patient charts from any web browser or mobile device.

  • Last modified: March 14, 2024