New User Training for Billers

Use the new user training outline below to learn how to complete billing tasks in PCC.

For personalized training, help with configuration, or other needs, contact PCC Support.

Get Started

Learn how to log in, navigate in PCC EHR, and use chat.

Log In to PCC EHR

Navigate PCC EHR

Chat with Colleagues

Update Demographics and Insurance Policy Information

Work with patient and family account records and update a patient's insurance policies.

Verify Insurance Eligibility for Encounters

You can review insurance eligibility en masse for all upcoming encounters, or for a single patient's encounter.

Work with Account Notes

Whenever you work with a family on a billing issue, you may want to take notes on the account.

Post Charges

First: a Clinician Prepares an Encounter for Billing

When a visit, phone call, or other billable encounter is finished, what does a clinician do to prepare the encounter for the biller?

Post Charges and Queue Up a Claim

A biller selects an encounter that is ready to bill, reviews the codes and payments, and then posts the charges to queue up an insurance claim.

Post Other Types of Encounters

How does PCC EHR work for a telemedicine visit? Can you bill for care provided through portal messages? These additional examples will help you review all of the above steps and show how they can work for other types of encounters.

Review Posted Charges, Find and Add Missing Items

How do you review and update posted charges, and what reports will help you make sure you’ve found every charge that needs to be posted? Read the articles below to learn about PCC EHR tools that help you make sure you’ve completed the work needed before you send claims out.

Submit Claims

Post Payments

Post Personal Payments and Write Off Charges

Post Insurance Payments

Automatically post straightforward ERAs that do not include rejections or errors. Then manually review any outliers and post adjustments, make changes, and resubmit charges or send claims to the next responsible party.

Post Less-Common Payments

How do you post capitation checks, incentive payments, interest payments, overpayments, and withhold payments?

Review Payment History and Edit Payments

Print Receipts

Get Started in the Practice Management Window

For advanced billing functions, a biller sometimes uses the Practice Management window in PCC EHR.

Work on Claim Errors, Rejections and Denials

Some claims need corrections before they can even head out the door. Later, you may receive rejections and denials that require you to update charge information and resubmit.

Edit Encounter Charges and Submit Corrected Claims

You may need to change the responsible party for encounter charges, change a code suffix, or add an authorization or reference number to a claim. How do you make changes and then resubmit a claim?

Adjust Encounter Charges and Payments

Submit a Corrected Claim

Review Claim Reports and Work on Accounts Receivable

Read Payer Responses and EDI Reports and Understand Rejections

Review Insurance A/R and Address Unpaid Claims

Bill Patients and Families

Prove Out and Review Audit Reports

PCC includes a variety of reports for double-checking charges and payments after they are posted.

PCC also includes reports that will help you:

  • Find Payments by Check Number
  • Find Unlinked Payments on Accounts
  • Work with Accounts with Credit Balances
  • Review Daily Posting Activity By Account
  • Review Complete Account Histories

Handle Less-Common Accounting Tasks

Every day, billers post charges, post payments and adjustments, and bill families. What about less-common events, or challenging accounting tasks?

Configure Insurance and Billing

Billers may need to configure how diagnoses and procedures are coded, add a new insurance payer to the system, and adjust procedures and their prices. PCC Support can help with these tasks.

  • Last modified: May 17, 2024