Resend a Prescription

If a pharmacy is unable to fill your patient’s prescription, use the “Resend” button to reroute the prescription to a different pharmacy. You can also use the “Resend” button to fix mistakes on a prescription and resend it to the original pharmacy.

Video: Watch Resend a Prescription to see it in action.

Find the Prescription

Open the patient’s chart. From their Visit History or the encounter selector in the PCC eRx, select the encounter where you wrote the prescription that needs to be resent.

From that encounter, make your way to the Review & Sign component in PCC eRx and find the prescription that needs to be resent.

Click “Resend”

Click the “Resend” button beside the prescription.

Role-Specific: The “Resend” button is sensitive to each user’s PCC eRx role and permissions. Only Providers, Mid-Level Providers, and Provider Agents may resend prescriptions for legend drugs. Only Providers and Mid-Level Providers who are registered for EPCS may resend prescriptions for controlled substances. To learn and manage users’ eRx role and permissions, open User Administration from the Tools menu in PCC EHR.

Edit the Prescription or Choose a Different Pharmacy

Depending on your reason for resending the original prescription, edit its details or choose a different pharmacy.

Process and Send the Prescription

Click the “Process Now” button on the prescription preview to finish resending the prescription.

PCC eRx automatically sends a cancellation for the original prescription when you process the resend.

Repeat As Needed

If the new version of the prescription also has issues, you can resend that one, too.

Active prescriptions can be resent up to seven calendar days after their original processing date.

Retracing Your Steps

There are several places you can see all versions of a particular prescription in PCC EHR and PCC eRx.

The Prescriptions component in PCC EHR, the Patient Visit Summary, and the Review & Sign component in PCC eRx show all previous versions of the prescription in addition to the one that was ultimately dispensed.

Only the most recent version of the prescription appears in the patient’s Prescription History and the Medication History components in PCC eRx and PCC EHR.

  • Last modified: October 20, 2023