Spell Check in PCC EHR

PCC EHR automatically checks your spelling as you type.

Whether entering chart notes, writing up the patient’s care plan, or entering text in any other free-text field, PCC EHR will underline misspelled words.

Spell check automatically ignores name fields, phone number fields, and other fields where spell check would be undesirable.


Right-click on an underlined word to see spelling suggestions.

You can select the correctly spelled word from the menu, and it will automatically replace your typed text.

Medical Dictionary Included

The PCC EHR spell check includes a medical dictionary and words from SNOMED descriptions. Your every-day medical terms will be interpreted correctly, and the suggestions will reference common medical terms as well.

The PCC EHR dictionary is a custom combination of the open-source Hunspell English Dictionary, the OpenMedSpel dictionary, and a parsed list of SNOMED descriptions.

Add Words to Your Spell Check Dictionary

Even with the medical terms and SNOMED descriptions, you will undoubtedly encounter unknown terms that are spelled correctly. When a word is spelled correctly, you can right-click to add it to your personal spell-check dictionary.

In the above example, the user decided that they want the word “meds” to be considered correct.

Per-User: Custom words added to the spelling dictionary are for each user, not for your entire practice.

Remove Custom Words: You can also remove items that you add to your dictionary in error. Simply right-click on the word and select “Remove From Dictionary” from the pull-down menu.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015