Sign Notes, Visits, and Documents in pocketPCC

PocketPCC includes the option to sign visits, phone notes, and documents, so you can complete your signing tasks conveniently, from anywhere.

Sign in to PocketPCC from your phone or other mobile device. If your PCC EHR user account has permission to sign, even with a co-signer, you’ll have the option to sign under pocketPCC’s menu.

The signing window lists all items in the signing queue. Green checks indicate the item has been signed, and the orange icon indicates that a co-signer is needed.


Click the gear icon in the upper right to open the filter options. You can limit by the type of item, the current signed status, or by provider. Select filters and click “Done” to refresh the list to match your selection.

Select a signable item to open the visit, note, or document for you to review. At the bottom of the window, after you’ve reviewed the item, you can sign or co-sign with a single click.

While reviewing a visit, document, or phone note, you can click any of the edit buttons and make additional notes, assign tasks, or any other edit to the item. Then, you’ll have the option to simply save your changes, or both save and sign the item in one click by selecting “Save & Sign”.

When you’ve saved, or saved and signed, you’ll be returned to the signing queue, where you can select another item to sign.

  • Last modified: September 4, 2020