Find Patients and Accounts

PCC EHR has a number of search tools for patients and accounts.

  • A patient finder is always available to you as you view the schedule, other queues, or review a chart.
  • A Find Patient tool is available when you import or work with documents and in the Appointment Book.
  • An Account Finder appears when you add or reassign billing and custodial accounts.
  • Each of these tools works in slightly different ways, but they all let you refine your search to find just what you are looking for.

    Search for a Patient

    The patient finder is designed to help you find patients quickly and easily. Simply type all or a part a patient’s name and the finder will search all first and last names and show you the results.

    Search by Birth Date or Phone Number

    You can also search for a patient by their birth date or phone number. PCC EHR is smart enough to know the difference: if you enter a number that can be read as a date, PCC EHR will show you all patients born on that date. If you are looking for a patient born on April 5, 2008, you can type any of the following:

    • 040508
    • 04/05/08
    • 4508
    • 4/5/08
    • 04052008
    • 04/05/2008
    • 452008
    • 4/5/2008

    You can replace the digits “4” or “04” in any of the above number sequences and get the same result. Also, you can use or omit spaces between the month, day, and year. PCC EHR lets you enter dates in the way that is easiest for you when you are searching.

    Any number that cannot be understood as a date will return a phone number search. If you were searching for PCC’s main office by phone number, you could enter:

    • 800-722-7708
    • 8007227708
    • 800 722 7708
    • (800) 722-7708

    . . . or any variation thereof. PCC EHR is interested in the numbers, not the spaces, dashes, or parentheses, so again you can choose the method that works best for you.

    Other Searches

    You can use some special prefixes to search for patients in other ways. For example, you can search for patients by their patient number using any of the following:

    • pcc[number]
    • #[number]
    • pcc#[number]
    • pt[number]
    • pt#[number]
    • patient[number]
    • patient#[number]

    You can also search based on your practice’s customizable patient fields.

    Enter the patient field search key word, a colon, and the search text to search by a custom patient field.

    Read Configure Patient Field Searching to learn more about this feature.

    Search for an Account

    Use the Account Finder whenever you are adding or reassigning accounts to a patient.

    The Account Finder works in much the same way as the Patient Finder. The search box will return account names or phone numbers. It will not, however, search for birth dates.

    Instead of finding patient numbers, the Account Finder can look for account numbers, using these prefixes:

    • acct[number]
    • #[number]
    • acct#[number]
    • account[number]
    • account#[number]

    You can also search on your practice’s custom Account Information fields, using customizable search terms. Read more here about configuring your search based on customizable terms.

    • Last modified: October 15, 2018