Recent PCC Software Releases

Your Next PCC Release: PCC 8.14 arrived at your practice in November 2020, and PCC 8.15 is coming in the first quarter of 2021. Documentation and videos are below. You can check the News feed right inside PCC EHR to learn more.

  • PCC 8.14 Release Video Series (10-2020)
    This playlist contains video documentation for PCC's 8.14 release.
  • PCC 8.14 Release
    PCC 8.14, arriving in November 2020, brings new gender identity and sexual orientation components, improvements to broadcast messaging, and more.
  • PCC 8.13 Release Video Series
    This playlist contains all the video documentation for PCC's 8.13 release.
  • PCC 8.13 Release
    PCC 8.13 includes improved lab and radiology requisition forms, easier sibling scheduling, new automated report tools, charting that you reviewed medications and allergies, pocketPCC signing for tasks, a new billing history chart section, improvements to how you post hospital charges, administrative fees, and discounts, task queue searching, and more.
  • PCC 8.13 Migration Considerations
    The PCC 8.13 release includes new features that may need configuration and for which you may want to do extra planning or training. Read below to learn more, and share relevant details with your physicians and staff.
  • PCC COVID-19 Updates Video Playlist (2020-06)
    PCC is rapidly adding features and services related to the COVID-19 pandemic. By watching this video series, you can see tutorials about new features and other related content.

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New and Updated Topics

  • Recall Patients for Preventive Well Visits in PCC EHR (3.5 minutes • 05-2020)
  • COVID-19 Links and Resources
    A landing page for resources and links that may be useful during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.
  • Schedule, Chart, and Bill a Telemedicine Visit in PCC EHR
    Learn how to schedule, chart and bill a telemedicine visit with PCC.
  • Code and Bill for a COVID-19 Related Encounter
    How does a pediatric practice order tests, enter diagnoses, code, and bill for visits related to the COVID-19 pandemic? Read below to learn about the SNOMED-CT, ICD-10, and CPT codes available for COVID-19 related encounters. PCC Support can help you customize your chart note protocols, diagnoses, orders, and billing. Code for Exposure to COVID-19 and […]
  • Post Charges in PCC EHR (9.5 min • 2020-03)
    Watch this video to learn how to review encounter information and post charges for an appointment in PCC EHR.
  • Recall Patients Who Are Overdue for Vaccines (3 minutes • 11-2019)
    PCC EHR can create custom lists of patients who are overdue for any vaccine, or who are due soon. Watch this video to learn how to use the Overdue Vaccine Recall report.
  • Create a Custom Report (8 minutes • 09-2019)
    How to use PCC EHR's Report Library to create custom reports.
  • Schedule a Patient in the Appointment Book (10 minutes • 7-2019)
    In this updated video, learn how to use the Appointment Book in PCC EHR to schedule patients.
  • Check In a Patient
    When a patient arrives at your practice, use Patient Check-In to check them in. Patient Check-In will help you review the family's demographic and insurance information, check insurance eligibility, review outstanding balances and post payments, and more.
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