Recent PCC Software Releases

Your Next PCC Release: PCC 9.4 arrived on 2022-08-14. Release documentation and other materials are below, and you can read PCC’s plans for future development or check the News feed right inside PCC EHR to learn more.

  • PCC 9.4 Overview and Video Series (7 min • 08-2022)
    Learn about PCC 9.4, coming to your practice in the 3rd quarter of 2022.
  • PCC 9.4 Release
    PCC 9.4 is a major advancement in many of PCC's products and services. You'll be empowered to create, edit, and generate form letters in a new interface, and PCC EHR's Payments tool includes new features for reviewing, editing, and applying payments.
  • PCC 9.4 Migration Considerations
    The PCC 9.4 release includes new features that may need configuration and for which you may want to do extra planning or training. Read below to learn more, and share relevant details with your physicians and staff. Read the PCC 9.4 Release article for complete details on these features.
  • PCC 9.3 Performance and Supportability Enhancements
    PCC 9.3 is a performance and supportability update. We included many performance improvements into the PCC 9.2 infrastructure update, and PCC 9.3 extends that work with further quality-of-life improvements across our products. You’ll enjoy faster, easier access to the tools you need. During this release we also improved how PCC helps new clients get up-and-running, updated immunization tracking and reporting, and added telemedicine configuration options to support new 2022 requirements.
  • PCC 9.2 Infrastructure Release
    PCC 9.2 is an infrastructure release that updates the database, operating system, web technologies, and interface tools that make PCC EHR work. The release will pave the way for future functionality. During the release period, PCC also found ways to improve performance and meet several urgent needs. We rolled out immediate improvements to COVID-19 vaccine and testing support and improved chart open times for large practices.
  • PCC 9.1 Release Video Series (2 minutes • 09-2021)
    Watch this video playlist to learn about features in PCC 9.1, coming to your practice in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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New and Updated Topics

  • COVID-19 Vaccines: Plan, Configure, Order, Administer, and Bill
    You can use PCC EHR to order, administer, and track COVID-19 vaccines, either for pediatric patients or as part of a COVID-19 vaccine clinic for older patients. Read below to learn how to sign your practice up, plan for a vaccine clinic, configure your PCC system, and how to order, administer, and track COVID-19 vaccination.
  • COVID-19 Links and Resources
    A landing page for resources and links that may be useful during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.
  • 2022 Updates to Telehealth (Telemedicine) Place of Service Codes
    In October of 2021, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced changes to the Place of Service (POS) codes used on claims for telehealth encounters. If your practice bills for any telehealth (or “telemedicine”) encounters, you should learn about the changes and discuss them with your payers. You may need to update your PCC configuration.

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