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Your Next PCC Release: PCC 8.16 arrived at all practices on June 27th. PCC 9.0 (a special eRx release) rolls out to practices on two dates in August, and PCC 9.1 arrives on October 3rd. Release documentation and other materials will appear below, and you can check the News feed right inside PCC EHR to learn more.

  • PCC 9.0 Release
    In August of 2021, PCC will release version 9.0 of our electronic charting and practice management software to all PCC users. PCC 9.0 is a release focused on eRx functionality. Read below to learn more, and contact PCC Support for information about these new features or about any PCC product or service. Access Prescription Favorites […]
  • PCC 9.0 Migration Considerations
    The PCC 9.0 release includes new features that might need configuration and for which you may want to do extra planning or training. Read below to learn more, and share relevant details with your physicians and staff. Read the PCC 9.0 Release article for complete details on these features. Contact PCC Support for information about […]
  • Configure CHADIS in PCC EHR (4:00 • 6/18/2021)
    Watch a brief overview of configuring CHADIS questionnaires and results in PCC EHR.
  • PCC 8.16 Release
    If your practice uses CHADIS, you can now automatically send patients and families questionnaires through the patient portal and receive results right inside your orders on the chart note. Additionally, appointment notes are now available on the PCC EHR schedule screen, and PCC 8.16 includes many other features and improvements.
  • PCC 8.15 Release Video Series (03-2021)
    This playlist contains video documentation for PCC's 8.15 release.
  • PCC 8.15 Release
    In the first quarter of 2020, PCC will release version 8.15 of our electronic charting and practice management software to all PCC users. PCC 8.15 includes group chat, improved user management, COVID-19 vaccine support, improvements to preparing an encounter for billing, and much more!

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