Print Visit Forms

What do you hand patients and families when they walk in the door? Your practice may generate educational handouts specific to a visit reason, encounter forms for the clinician, and other visit forms.

Use the “Print Visit Forms” features in PCC EHR to generate all the visit forms for the day, or to print them for individual patients as they come in, whichever method suits your office’s workflow.

Other Types of Forms: To learn about other form output in PCC EHR, visit Generate Form Letters in PCC EHR.

Use Print Visit Forms Tool to Print All Forms for a Day’s Appointments

You can use the Print Visit Forms tool to generate all the forms you need for appointments on a given day.

Open Print Visit Forms from the Tools Menu.

Select a date, location, and provider, and click “Print Visit Forms”.

Then use your system’s print dialogue to print the forms.

Print or Reprint Visit Forms For a Single Encounter

You can print visit forms as you check in a patient, or right from the patient’s chart.

Appointment Details Component: The “Print Visit Forms” button appears anywhere you use the Appointment Details component—in Patient Check-In, and also at the top of chart notes.

Reprint Visit Forms: If you have already printed the forms once, the button text will read “Reprint Visit Forms.” Click the button to print the forms a second time if necessary.

Disable Form Printing: You can remove the Print Visit Forms button from charts and Patient Check-In by editing the Appointment Details component in the Component Builder.

  • Last modified: July 12, 2021