Expand Short Text into Common Phrases in PCC EHR

Expand Short Text into Full Phrases in PCC EHR

PCC EHR’s Snap Text automatically expands a short typed text into a full word or phrase, reducing your typing and saving you time.

To watch a video about Snap Text in PCC EHR, click here.

Each user can customize their own personal Snap Text and your office can set practice-wide entries for all users.

User Permission

Each user can manage their own Snap Text, but managing the practice-wide defaults is accessible via the User Administration tool. Give users access to manage your practice-wide defaults by adding permission to a user role, or creating a new role exclusively for Snap Text Configuration.

Open the User Administration tool and visit the Roles tab, select a role, and check the Snap Text Configuration box.

For a more detailed guide to setting up roles and configuring user permissions, read Set User Roles for Permissions and Security.

Create Snap Text

To create your own Snap Text, open My Account within PCC EHR’s File menu and select the Snap Text tab.

Each user is listed in the drop down menu on the upper right. Select yourself, or, if you have access, Practice Defaults.

Here, you’ll find two fields, one for your typed text, and one for the expanded text. Enter your short text in the first field, and the full, expanded, text in the second. The short text should be a few characters long, and the expanded text can be as long as you need.

Typed text can be any combination of characters. It is case sensitive, so the expanded text will only be triggered if the letter case matches, that also means that “ABC” and “abc” can both be used to trigger different expanded texts. After text is expanded, you can select “Undo” from the Edit menu, or   ctrl+x to undo the expansion and return to the unexpanded text.

Avoid Common Words, Use a Prefix Character: Whatever short codes you enter will be automatically replaced by the expanded text when you press space, or in the case of multi-line text fields, enter, or return.You should avoid real words that might be used in a different context. Consider using a special character prefix before your code. For example, “.adhd” to expand to “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” while still leaving “adhd” available to be used without being expanded.

Practice Defaults Matching a Single User's Snap Texts: When a user’s typed text matches a practice default typed text, the user’s snap text will take precedence over the practice default for that user.

Click Save, and you’ll be returned to the Snap Text tab, where you can add another or Save and Exit.

Copy And Edit Snap Texts

Each user can view, but not edit, the snap texts of other users.

When reviewing another user’s entries, any user can copy entries to their own list by using the copy button at the bottom of the tab.

Any of your snap texts can be edited by selecting it from your list, and clicking the edit button. Simply change the text, or if it’s no longer needed, click the delete button to delete it from your list.


  • Last modified: May 25, 2023