Make Documents Available to Patients and Families in My Kid’s Chart

You can make documents available to patients and families in My Kid’s Chart, PCC’s patient portal. You can use this feature to share forms, test results, and other important documents with your patients and families.

When importing or editing a document, you have the option to share or remove a document from the patient portal.



When the patient or guardian logs into My Kid’s Chart, a green dot and “Unread Document”, or “Unread Documents” appear on the Patient Portal’s home page, below the patient’s name.


In each patient’s chart, the portal displays the five most recent documents by default. To view more, the patient can click the “More” button at the bottom of the document list.

Documents appear in reverse chronological order, and if a document doesn’t have a title the word “Document” will appear instead. The user can click on a document to download and view it.

Turn It Off?: If your practice does not want to share documents through the patient portal, you can turn this feature off in the Patient Portal Manager in the Tools menu.


  • Last modified: November 2, 2023