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Learn about PCMH, Meaningful Use, and ICD-10, find User Conference handouts, and learn about other PCC services.

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  • PCC Community: The Home of PCCTalk

    PCC Community is an online forum and email list for users of PCC's pediatric software. By connecting to PCC Community, you can join discussions about issues facing pediatric practices as well as PCC's software and services.
  • Read the Pulse: PCC’s Newsfeed

    The Pulse is a source of news and information for PCC clients. We use The Pulse to share information about our upcoming software releases, trainings, conferences, events and web labs, as well as pediatric news and industry information.
  • Practice Vitals Dashboard Video Overview

    A brief overview of the features available in the Practice Vitals Dashboard
  • Read Your PCC Email with Roundcube

    You can access your PCC-provided email services with Roundcube, a Web-based email program. This manual contains an introduction to Roundcube, along with a guide for setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) for your PCC email using the Authy app.

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  • Connect to PCC’s Web Conferences and Web Labs

    PCC uses the WebEx service to connect you to online training courses and training sessions.
  • Accounting Challenges

    The medical biller's job would be easier if accounts paid on time and insurance companies reimbursed the correct amount. Unfortunately, accounts build up balances and credits and insurance companies overpay, underpay, and demand "takebacks."
  • AAP Resources: Pediatric Coding Newsletter, Red Book, and More

    PCC offers our clients access to a number of resources from the AAP, including the Pediatric Coding Newsletter and the AAP Red Book.
  • Ask PCC For a Software Feature or Enhancement

    PCC uses your requests and comments to help decide which features and services to develop. We depend on your feedback; we can't make software without you. Read this article to learn the best way to submit a feature enhancement request or defect.
  • Bright Futures in PCC

    Bright Futures is a national health promotion and prevention initiative led by the American Academy of Pediatrics. PCC provides Bright Futures chart note protocols, periodicity schedules, handouts, and more to all PCC practices.
  • Best Practices For Sending Messages to Patients and Families

    This article provides best practices and other recommendations to help you engage with your patients and improve care through communication. PCC recommends that pediatric practices follow communication best practices and abide by guidelines, even when not strictly required by law. Additionally, PCC recommends you include an explicit “consent to contact” in your practice policies.
  • Top Ten Data Security Best Practices for a Small Pediatric Practice

    As a pediatric practice you deal constantly with Personal Health Information (PHI). This data includes: Name, Address, Phone Number Social Security Number Date of Birth Insurance Information Medical Records, including test results This information can be extremely valuable, and therefore a target for hackers. Here are some basic best practices you can implement in order […]
  • Moving Your Practice to a New Location

    So your practice is moving. Maybe you have outgrown your current space, or want to move to a more affordable location, or your lease is up, or you want to buy a building as an investment? Moving can be complicated. There are many moving pieces, and PCC is eager to make your move successful, with as little interruption to routine and as few surprises as possible.
  • Send Chat Messages to Colleagues

    PCC EHR includes a chat/instant messaging tool that lets you chat and send messages to other PCC EHR users.
  • Why and How Pediatric Practices Should Launch a Recall Initiative Today

    As a result of COVID-19, the volume of visits to pediatric practices has plummeted.  Patients are often afraid to visit their pediatricians. Independent pediatric practices can not assume patients and families will continue to visit. Ongoing patient care is at risk, and practices need to take steps to connect with families in order to stay […]
  • Run a Pediatric Drive-Up Flu or COVID-19 Shot Clinic

    Your practice can perform a flu shot clinic while also meeting your enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols. PCC has worked with several practices who are running “drive through” or “curb side” flu clinics. In addition to providing your families and communities with a vital service (flu vaccines!), by running a drive through flu shot clinic, you can prepare your practice for participation in upcoming mass vaccinations coming for COVID-19.
  • Provide Good Faith Estimates for Pediatric Encounters

    If a family does not have insurance, or the family won’t be using insurance for an encounter, then a pediatric practices needs to provide a “Good Faith Estimate” for the cost of care when an encounter is scheduled more than 3 days in advance.
  • Install and Set Up the Authy App

    The Authy app turns your smartphone into a secure password generator for taking certain actions on your PCC system. Secure Authy passwords are used in conjunction with your regular PCC password to provide an extra layer of security for your account. The concept of requiring two passwords to access a digital service is known as […]
  • Review Chat Logs in PCC EHR

    The Chat Message Log records your saff’s usage of PCC EHR’s Chat messages, so you can review communication between your team members and investigate policy violations. Owing to PCC EHR’s chat potentially containing sensitive information, the Chat Log report is a separate permission from the Audit Log in PCC’s User Administration tool. To access the […]
  • Pediatric Practice Oversight Reporting with PCC

    You can use PCC reports to identify problem areas in your A/R, review collections, and evaluate your growth as a practice. The tables below show PCC’s recommended reporting tools for practice oversight on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.