The Visit History Screen

The Visit History screen displays a list of all visits, past or present, including any chart notes, documents, or other information related to each visit.

The visit index is at the bottom of the screen. It displays the encounter date, visit chart note protocol (often the scheduled visit reason), diagnoses, provider of service, and the number of documents attached to the visit.

Click on any visit to see full details in the window above.

The Visit History details summarizes all chart notes completed during a visit. You can navigate through the notes using the scroll bar or by press Page Down and Page Up on your keyboard.

Each visit history also include thumbnails of any documents associated with the visit. Click “View Documents” to view the documents.

Adjustable Visit History Index

You can expand or contract the Visit History Index, which displays the patient’s list of visits, phone notes, and unattached documents.

Click on the dotted grow line to change the size of the index panel.

The index will reset to the default size when you leave the chart. The new default size displays about six rows of information instead of four.

Display Visit History by Type

While reviewing the patient’s Visit History, you can now filter the index to display visits, phone notes, and/or unattached documents.

Click on the “Display” pull-down menu and select the history items you wish to view.

In order to ensure the chart record remains easy to review, the default display (All Items) will return when you close the chart.

Edit a Chart Note or Phone Encounter Note

You can open and edit any chart note or phone encounter note. For example, you may need to complete charting tasks from the day before or several days prior.

Find the appointment in the Visit History Index on the Visit History section of the chart, select it, and click “Edit”. Or, double-click on the item.

Search a Chart Note's Text: You can search through all visible text on a chart note using the Find feature. Select Find from the Edit menu or use your operating system’s keyboard shortcuts to find text and cycle through multiple found results. For more information, read the Search a Chart Note help article.

Print a Chart Note

Select any chart note in the Visit History index and click “Print” to print a copy.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015