Post Hospital Charges

If your practice bills for hospital visits, you can post the charges in PCC EHR and queue up a claim. Read the procedure below to learn how.

Watch a Video: For a video introduction, see Post Hospital Charges in PCC EHR.

Open the Patient’s Chart and Navigate to Their Billing History

When you are ready to post hospital charges for a patient, open their billing history and create a new encounter.

Select the Provider, Location, and Service Dates

PCC EHR will create a blank Post Charges encounter for billing. In the Encounter Details section, select a provider, a hospital location, and enter dates of service.

If you select an inpatient hospital location, PCC EHR will display Admit and Discharge fields for the encounter instead of a Service Date field. If the hospital visit was only a single day, you can leave the discharge field blank or enter the same date in both fields.

What If I Don't See the Location I Need, or I Don't See the Admit and Discharge Date Fields?: Your practice can customize your location list and specify which locations are for inpatient visits. Contact PCC Support for help customizing your billing locations.

Select Hospital Diagnoses and Procedures

Use the Diagnoses and Procedures components to search for and select charge information for the hospital encounter.

You can optionally enter from and to dates for procedures, or simply use a single date in the From field. You can set units, select insurance or self pay, adjust the personal due amount, and optionally add a discount. If a procedure has no defined price at your practice, you can edit the price field.

Remember to link the appropriate diagnoses with each procedure using the tools in either the Diagnoses or Procedures component.

Optional: Adjust Claim Information, Work w/ Personal Balances and Payments

You can use the Claim Information component to adjust the billing provider or other claim details. While you probably don’t have a personal payment on hand for a hospital visit, you can use the Payments component to review personal balances and enter discounts as well, if needed.

Click “Save + Post” and Review the Encounter

When you are finished entering hospital encounter and charge information, click “Save + Post” to save your work and queue up a claim.

You can review hospital charges in the Billing History. They also appear in the patient’s Visit History.

You can use the Search Filter field and the Display Filter drop-down menu in either History chart section to quickly find and review details about hospital encounters.

Optional: Import and Attach Documents

After you post a hospital encounter, you can attach a hospital note or other document to the encounter. Just select the hospital encounter when you import or edit a document.

Optional: Delete a Hospital Encounter Posted in Error

As of PCC 8.15, use the Correct Mistakes (oops) tool to delete all diagnoses, procedures, payments and adjustments for a hospital encounter (or other billing encounter without an appointment). Once you have deleted all items for an encounter, PCC EHR will automatically remove the encounter from the Billing History and Visit History sections of the patient’s chart in PCC EHR.

  • Last modified: April 1, 2021