Enter and Review Encounter Visit Notes

You can add and review visit notes for an encounter in Correct Mistakes (oops).


A visit note is a text note for a specific patient, on a specific encounter date, used for internal purposes at your practice. The note is attached to all charges for the patient on that day. You can use visit notes to record billing details or other information related to an encounter.

Add a Visit Note

As you review an account’s history, press F4Insurance Status or F5Visit Status, enter item number(s), and then press F4Add/Edit Note to view the Visit Notes screen for a set of charges.


On the Visit Notes screen, press F4Post New Note to create a new note.


Review Visit Notes

After you save a note, it will appear on the main charge history screen in oops.


The oops screen only has room to display the top line of the note. You can use the Visit Notes screen to review the full text of the note or edit the note later.

Here are some other features to keep in mind as you use the visit notes feature:

  • A single note is associated with all charges for a particular visit date, for a particular patient. You can add additional notes about the visit and add followup notes and they will all be associated with all charges for that patient’s visit date.
  • Partner logs and displays who created or who most recently edited each note.
  • If two accounts are merged, or charge information changes in some other way, all notes will follow the charge and visit date with which they are associated.
  • You can make notes visible/invisible by pressing NToggle Notes. You can also make billing history items visible/invisible by pressing EToggle Billing History.

Learn More About the Notes Screen: When you add or edit a note, you are using Partner’s Structured Notes feature. You can search the visit note and add followup notes, just as you can in the family or patient notes screens, found in the Patient Editor (notjane) and Family Editor (fame).

  • Last modified: November 24, 2023