Work with a Patient’s Billing History in the Chart

You can review all of a patient’s billable encounters in the Billing History section of a patient’s chart.

Office visits, telemedicine encounters, phone notes, portal messages, hospital charges, and administrative encounters that have been billed or may be billable appear in the index at the bottom.

Appointments appear when the chart note is “arrived” or the patient is checked in, phone notes and portal messages appear if a clinician marks them as “Ready for Billing”. Hospital and administrative encounters appear after a user creates an encounter and posts the charges.

Click on an encounter in the index to see details in the window above.

You can review encounter and charge details, such as the date the charges were posted and how a claim was batched.

If there is an encounter that has the Ready to Post status, or an encounter with new items to post, you can work with those encounters on this screen. Select an encounter and click “Post Charges” (or double-click on an encounter) to open up Post Charges.

You can also click “Create Encounter” to post charges of any kind.

Post Any Type of Charge: You can post charges for appointments directly from the Schedule screen and post charges for phone notes and portal messages from the Messaging queue. You can also post those charges from the Billing History in the patient’s chart, and you can create encounters to post other types of charges, such as hospital visits or administrative charges.

Attached Documents: You can review any documents attached to an encounter on the Billing History section of the chart. For example, if a user attached a scanned insurance card, a hospital note, or other document to an encounter, you can double-click to open it.

  • Last modified: April 1, 2021