Review Posted Charges: Dailycheck

The Daily Check program (dailycheck) lists all the visits posted on a single day or range of days. The report includes every diagnosis, procedure, amount charged and payment posted. Use dailycheck to review a day’s postings and compare them against the encounter forms. Many office managers run dailycheck every evening or early the following morning.

The dailycheck report is located in the Proving Out window within the Daily Operations window of the Partner windows. You can also type dailycheck at a command prompt.

You can select which charges to include, select a place of service, limit the report to one clinician, choose a brief or full report, include EEF items from PCC EHR, sort the report by various values, and send the report to the screen, a printer, or an interactive screen.

The dailycheck output displays complete charge posting details. A total for the day (or time range) appears at the bottom of the report. The “Brief” version of the report omits codes and units and condenses linking.

If you use one of the EEF options, you can compare posted charges with items on the electronic encounter form for the same visit.

Dailycheck By Location

PCC Support can configure dailycheck so it runs only for the current user’s location. When a biller in your remote office runs the report at the end of the day, the report will run in “By Location” mode.

Contact PCC Support if you wish to set up dailycheck by location for some of your users.

  • Last modified: October 29, 2015