Write Off Charges and Bad Debt

When you want to write off a charge that is unrecoverable (“bad debt”), or post other account adjustments that reduce the amount due for a charge and decrease an account’s outstanding personal balance, use the Payments tool.

Video: Watch Post Personal Payments to learn more.

Open Payments

Open the Payments tool from the Tools menu in PCC EHR

Find an Account

Find the billing account for the charges you need to write off.

You can search by account name or use other search parameters, like an account phone number.

Optionally Review Account Information

In the Payments tool, you can review Account Balances, Account Demographics, and the Account Notes component so you can understand the charges and what you may need to write off.

For an explanation of all outstanding personal balances, click the disclosure arrow below Aged Balances.

Select an Adjustment Type and Enter Amount

Select your practice’s preferred Adjustment type for a write off in the Payment Type drop-down menu. Then enter an amount.

Optional: Apply the Adjustment to Specific Charges

Just as you can select which charges a payment applies towards, you can also enter specific charges to write off, and enter specific amounts.

By default, PCC will automatically apply the adjustment to the oldest unpaid personal charge(s) on the account.

Click “Save Adjustment”

Review Results

Use the payment history to review the charges that the adjustment applies towards and make decisions about any other remaining balances on the account.

Enter an Account Note Explaining What You Did

It’s a good idea to add an account note explaining what balances were written off.

Configure Your Practice’s Write Off Adjustment Types

When you write off a charge, you apply an adjustment against that charge. By default, this is done with a “Bad Debt” adjustment.

Your practice can post other types of adjustments as well. You can edit or add new adjustment types in the Payments table in the Table Editor (ted). All adjustment types for writing off a credit should have a type of “Adjustment”.

To learn how to edit procedures on your system, read Edit Your Practice’s Procedures, Codes, Adjustments, and Prices.

  • Last modified: November 16, 2023