Review Archived EDI Reports

After you submit claims, your practice will receive clearinghouse and payor acknowledgements as well as ERAs and other electronic notifications from PCC, claim clearinghouses, and payors.

You can use PCC tools to review these responses. You can also see them in an account’s history in Correct Mistakes (oops), and from there jump directly into the relevant section of the electronic response.

When you need to do deeper research, you can use the EDI Reports (ecsreports) program, which holds a library of all “Electronic Data Interchange” reports sent to your practice. In addition to the communication you can review in context in PCC EHR, ecsreports also archives daily acknowledgements from payors and clearinghouses and e-bill confirmations.

Learn All Steps for the Biller Role: This article is part of the New User Training for Billers. You can use that outline to learn how to complete all billing tasks in PCC EHR.

Read ERAs in the Electronic Remittance Advice Tool

To review the complete details of a claim response from a payor, open the Electronic Remittance Advice Tool in PCC EHR.

ERAs provide the details about the payor’s adjudication, including payments, adjustments, denials, and unusual circumstances. Read the Read ERA 835s from Payors article to learn more.

Use EDI Reports (ecsreports) to Review Other Archived Communication

To view a library of electronic communication sent to your practice from clearinghouses and payors, open the ecsreports program. You can find it in the Electronic Claims section of the Billing Functions window in your Practice Management windows.

Reports are grouped together by the date they were received, with the most recent delivery date appearing at the top. For each report, you can see the title or type, the general category, the time it was received, and how many times it has been printed.

Your office can use this screen to review the history of EDI-related communication sent to your PCC system. If your practice prints ERAs, Bad Claim reports, or other claim responses you can use the “Times Printed” column to facilitate that workflow.

Reports Recycle: Because your practice receives thousands of reports every year, ecsreports does not keep all old reports on your system. Instead, reports will remain on the system for one to two years. If you would like to change the length of time that EDI reports remain on your system, contact PCC Support.

Open and Read a Report

Select any report, either from the main screen or from one of the “By Type” listings in ecsreports, and press F1View Selected to read it:

You can select more than one report in order to view them all at once in the same window:

While viewing a report or multiple reports, you can press Page Up or Page Down to scroll. Press the End key to jump to the bottom of the report(s), press Home to jump to the top.

Print an EDI Report

Select any report in ecsreports and press F2Print Selected to print it.

Find EDI Reports by Type

Press F8List By Type in the ecsreports program to see reports grouped by type. The “By Report Type” screen displays all report types stored on your system.

To access all available reports of a certain type, select the type and press F1Select Type.

Reading and searching through a specific report type may be more convenient than viewing all the reports from a specific date.

Press F12 to return to the listing by date.

Search Multiple EDI Reports

You may need to search through multiple reports for a name, certificate number, or other identifier. You might not have any idea in which report the information is located, or on what date you received the information. ecsreports has a robust search engine that allows you to search through reports in several different ways.

Select Reports to Search

Select all the reports you would like to search:


F6 – Search Selected

Press F6 to begin your search.

Search All?: While reviewing reports by type, you can also press

F5 – Search All

to search all the reports in a specific category.

Enter Search Text

On the File Search screen, enter the text for which you wish to search and press F1Process.

Whole Words?: If you wish to find your text pattern only as a whole word and avoid results that contain your text pattern as part of another word, change the “Search on whole words?” question to “Yes.”

Select Specific File From Results

ecsreports will list all the files from your selection that contain the text for which you searched.

Type an X next to individual reports you wish to review, or press F3Select All to select all reports containing your search pattern.

After making your selection, press F1View Selected.

Review Result, Jump to Next

ecsreports will display the first matching result it found. The search text will be highlighted:

Press F7Search For Next to scroll through each matching result.

Optionally, Change Search Pattern

Press F8Search Pattern to change the search pattern. You will continue to search the same files you selected in step four above.

Search Reports You Are Viewing

While viewing a report or multiple reports, press F8Search Pattern and enter text to perform a search:

After typing your search value, press Enter to scroll to the first matching value.

Matching items will be highlighted on the screen, and you can press F7Search For Next to scroll through all matching results.

Examples of EDI Reports

Here are some reports you may find in the ecsreports program, along with sample text.

preptags/tagsplit Bad Claim Report

This report identifies claims that could not be approved for electronic submission. The PCC EHR Claims tool replaces this report. If you use the claims programs in Practice Management instead of PCC EHR, you will be prompted to print this report after you submit claims.

Bad Claim Report                        Generated On: March 11, 2005
Date: 03/10/05  PCC #: 243      Patient: Pebbles Flinstone
        Guar PCC#: 751          Cus PCC#: 751    
        Claim is for an insurance company no longer on the account            
        Charge filed with: Cigna $0

In the example above, a claim was rejected because the insurance company (Cigna $0) was no longer listed on the account. The insurance information was probably updated by another user, and the claim probably needs to be pended and re-batched in oops. It may already have been re-batched, but you should review the account to be certain.

ECS Batch Log

This report is a log, sorted by insurance batch and patient name, of all the claims sent out on a certain date. The PCC EHR Claims tool replaces this report. Your PCC system generates this report when it finishes processing and submitting claims.

Run date: 20050310
Batch: PCC – Aetna Claims           
03/08/05 * $ 111.00   – Flinstone, Pebbles
03/08/05 * $ 165.00   – Doe, Johnny
03/07/05 * $ 111.00   – Crusher, Wesley
03/08/05 * $  81.00   – Duck, Louie
Total claims processed: 4
Total claim charges: $468.00          

The report excerpt above shows four claims that were sent out in the Aetna insurance batch on 3/10/05.

PCC Daily Submission Summary

This is a record showing that PCC has received your claims and sent them on to the clearing-house or payor. You should receive this log within 48 hours of submitting claims, and it is stored in ecsreports. This report indicates that your connection to PCC was active and provides a “paper trail” proving that each claim passed through PCC’s central claim system. Your PCC system automatically parses this report and adds a note to each account history to indicate the claim was received by PCC, so under normal circumstances there is no need to review this report directly.

  PATIENT / CLAIM           PATIENT NAME             CLAIM        
     ID NUMBER          LAST            FIRST   MI FROM DATE     CHARGES
 ***************** ****************** ********** * **********    ********
AETNA HMO 15                       PAYOR ID: 60054
 243 10077         FLINTSTONE         PEBBLES      03/08/2005      111.00
AETNA EPO 10                       PAYOR ID: 60054
 394 10078         DOE                JOHNNY       03/08/2005      165.00
AETNA PPO 8                        PAYOR ID: 60054
 848 10079         CRUSHER            WESLEY       03/07/2005      111.00
AETNA POS 20                       PAYOR ID: 60054
 1068 10080        DUCK               LOUIE        03/08/2005       81.00
030501021   TOTAL                 CLAIMS:      4    CHARGES:       468.00

The above section shows that PCC received and processed four Aetna claims On March 10, 2005.

Various Claim Verification, Acknowledgement, Response, Summary, Rejection, Status, Unprocessed, and Exclusion Reports

PCC works to ensure that all claims route through the most efficient claim clearinghouse and reach the payor. In some cases, PCC builds a direct claim submission connection to a payor. As your claims travel from PCC, to a clearinghouse, and to a payor, the organizations involved send reports back to your practice. PCC parses these reports automatically and updates account histories. In most cases, you would not need to read a full report file, but they are archived in ecsreports.

  • Last modified: March 22, 2024