Quickstart: Send Personal Bills

Follow this procedure to print or generate the outstanding personal bills.

Run Bills

Select bills or ebs from the “Personal Billing” section of the “Billing Functions” window in Partner’s windows. You can also type bills or ebs at a command prompt.

Review and Edit Criteria

When you first run bills or ebs, you will see the settings that were used the last time you ran the program.

Press F1Make Changes to updated your criteria for the current bill run.

Update the Start and End Date for Balance Details

Change the “End” date so it indicates today’s date. Otherwise, your bills will not take into account the most recent charges and payments. The start date will indicate how far back you wish to display detail about the account’s balance. Anything prior to that date will appear on the bill as a “Previous Balance.”

Optional: Add Other Bill Criteria

If you wish, use the other fields on the screen to limit what bills will be generated. Read the Use Cycle Billing to Generate Some Bills article for more details.

Save Criteria Changes

After you make criteria changes, press F1Save Changes.

Prepare Bills

Next, press F2Prepare Bills.

Partner will gather charge and payment information and prepare the bills. This may take a while, as Partner must review the balances for all outstanding accounts.

Work With Accounts That Will Get a Bill

When you are returned to the billing screen, you will see a “Messages” section on the bottom telling you how many bills are in the batch waiting to be generated:

Press F7Show BillList to review a list of accounts waiting in this current batch of bills. Read the Review Accounts With Bills article for more information.

Press F4Work w/ Accounts to visit an interactive screen to work with those accounts.

The Bills program will display the “Work with Accounts” screen. You can review the list of accounts that will receive a bill, see their account balance by age, and use interactive tools to work with the accounts.

Select an account and use the function keys at the bottom of the screen to learn more about the account or perform various billing-related actions.

Re-Prepare Bills: If you leave the main bills screen to work on accounts, you should press F2Prepare Bills to re-prepare the bills when you return. That will ensure that any changes you made to account balances are reflected in the bills you generate. If you don’t re-prepare, you will generate the same batch of bills you originally prepared.

Generate Bills

When you are ready to generate your bills, press F3Print/Submit Bills.

Learn More About Personal Bills: You can learn more about the bills program by reading the Special Features of the Bills Programs (bills, ebs) help article. You can learn more about Personal Billing with PCC software by visiting the Bill the Family section of PCC Learn.

  • Last modified: April 14, 2016