Configure PCC EHR

Training Videos

  • Lab Order Configuration Video

    16 min • 2016
    This video provides an in-depth look at lab order configuration in PCC EHR. Along the way, you'll learn how to assign specific LOINC tests to a lab order, configure an order for electronic results, control default order privacy settings, and more.
  • Clinical Instructions Overview

    3 min • 06-2016
    A quick overview of configuring and using Clinical Instructions in PCC EHR
  • Get Started with Direct Secure Messaging

    9.5 minutes • 07-2022
    Watch how to get started with Direct Secure Messaging, a HIPAA-compliant method in PCC EHR similar to email that empowers you to communicate and share records with other healthcare providers.
  • Clinical Document Exchange: Initiator Role

    15.5 minutes • 07-2022
    Learn how to use Clinical Document Exchange to retrieve patient information from other health care providers in PCC EHR.

Get Started

  • PCC EHR Configuration Introduction

    You can configure PCC EHR to match your workflow and charting style. You can change how many screens behave in order to help your office find what they need quickly. The help articles below include procedures and references to make changes to PCC EHR's behavior.

Learn More

  • Add and Configure Immunizations in PCC EHR

    PCC EHR provides tools for charting, ordering, administering, billing, and tracking immunizations. When your practice begins using a new vaccine, or wants to change how immunizations are displayed, you can adjust your immunization configuration. PCC Support can help you with any part of this configuration.
  • CVX and MVX Codes in PCC

    PCC EHR stores MVX and CVX codes with each immunization you administer. You can enter your office's MVX and CVX codes in the Table Editor (ted).
  • Use Auto-Notes to Insert Your Standard Text in a Chart Note Field

    PCC EHR can enter your default Normal or Abnormal notes at the click of a button while you chart.
  • Configure PCC EHR Session Timeout (Automatic Logout)

    You can configure how long an inactive PCC EHR window will remain open. Set the session timeout length in the Practice Preferences window in the Tools menu.
  • Configure Vitals

    Nurses and physicians measure vitals and enter them quickly into a patient's chart. To make this process match your office's workflow, you can configure PCC EHR's temperature and blood pressure method defaults (oral, tympanic, right arm, etc.) as well as whether you use English or Metric measurements for other vitals.
  • Configure Procedure and Diagnosis Billing in PCC EHR

    Use the Billing Configuration tool to configure billing behaviors of procedures and diagnoses and the Billing screen in PCC EHR. Follow the procedures below to open the Billing Configuration tool and make changes.
  • Submit Immunization Records to CAIR

    If your practice is located in California, you can use PCC software to submit your patients' immunization records to CAIR, the California Immunization Registry.
  • Configure Co-Signing

    If your practice needs some visits signed and co-signed, you can turn on co-signing and then require it for specific users.
  • Configure the Schedule Screen

    You can turn on and off some of the columns on the Schedule screen.
  • Configure Lab Orders and Lab Tests in PCC EHR

    PCC EHR's labs can contain several result fields, have default facilities, initiate tasks for the tasks queue, and use numerous other features. Your common labs can automatically appear for selection on appropriate chart notes. Read the sections below to understand everything you need to know about lab configuration.
  • Professional Contact Manager

    Use the Professional Contact Manager tool to manage the list of your practice's professional contacts, school medical personnel, and other professionals who may be part of care plans for many different patients.
  • Configure Diagnoses in PCC EHR

    Clinicians can select diagnoses on a chart note, or add a new diagnosis to a patient's Problem List. Read the sections below to learn how to configure how diagnoses are recorded.
  • Clinical Alerts

    PCC EHR can alert you about specific clinical concerns, based on a patient's demographics, diagnoses, or other complex criteria combinations.
  • Submit Immunization Records to Your Registry

    PCC EHR can automatically send completed immunization orders to your local immunization registry.
  • Configure User Selection Lists

    EHR user drop-down lists can be configured to sort in numerous ways.
  • Configure Visit Statuses in PCC EHR

    PCC comes with a set of visit statuses that you can use to indicate patient status on the schedule screen. PCC encourages each practice to configure its own visit statuses to compliment the practice’s workflow. Customize Your Practice’s Visit Statuses You can add any number of statuses to the ones already in PCC EHR, and […]
  • Find Patients and Accounts

    Learn special techniques for searching for patient and account records.
  • Configure Document Categories, File Sources, and Default Behaviors

    PCC EHR enables you to pull in documents from various sources and attach them to charts, visits and orders. Use the Document Administration tool to configure defaults and options for how PCC EHR handles these documents.
  • Configure PCC EHR for Telemedicine Encounters

    Read the sections below to learn how to configure PCC EHR for telemedicine encounters. Create Telemedicine Visit Reasons for Scheduling When you schedule, perform, or bill a telemedicine visit, it should be clear to everyone at your practice that the encounter is happening remotely. Open the Visit Reasons Editor from the Configuration menu and create […]
  • Switch to the New Forms Solution in PCC EHR

    Switch to a new forms solution in PCC EHR that empowers you to create and manage your own auto-filling forms, handouts, policies, and letters.
  • Manage Your Practice’s Room List

    Manage your practice’s exam room list using the Rooms configuration tool in PCC EHR. Users with permission will find “Rooms” under the Configuration menu. Click “Add” to create a new room. Room names can be between 1 and 4 characters, and can use any letter, number, or symbol. Names must be unique. Click “Save” to […]
  • Configure Chart Sections
    • Configure Demographics in PCC EHR

      The Demographics section of a patient's chart displays patient and family demographics, such as patient information, contact information, insurance policies, and siblings.
    • Configure the Medical Summary

      The Medical Summary appears when you first open a patient chart. It may include a Problem List, a Medication history, and many other useful components.
    • Configure Growth Charts

      The Growth Charts section of a patients chart collects and displays vitals data across all of a patient's visits, or manually entered vitals without a visit.