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PCC EHR is a customizable, pediatric focused electronic charting system. It tracks and maintains medical records for patients and provides a workflow environment for clinicians to see patients, manage their schedule, and chart visit information.


Use the articles and videos below to learn how to chart a visit, create and complete visit orders, and perform other tasks.

Training Videos

  • Chart a Visit in PCC EHR

    9 minutes • 2018
    This demo walks you through the charting experience in PCC EHR, focusing on many of our pediatric-specific features and workflows.
  • Log In and Navigate PCC EHR

    9 min • 04-2018
    How to login, review your schedule, and navigate PCC EHR.
  • Review a Patient Chart in PCC EHR

    20 min • 12-2018
    Open a chart in PCC EHR and take a tour! This video provides an overview of the Medical Summary, Demographics and History sections of the chart in PCC EHR, while introducing how components and navigation work.
  • Use Visit Status Counters to Know Where You’re Needed

    5 minutes • 12-2016
    Watch this video to learn seven great tips and tricks for improving your practice's visit workflow with PCC EHR's visit status counters.
  • 15 Tips to Optimize Your PCC EHR Experience

    7.5 minutes • 01-2018
    A collection of easy yet powerful tips to help you streamline your workflow with PCC EHR.
  • Schedule, Chart, and Bill a Telemedicine Encounter

    8 min • 04-2020
    Schedule a telemedicine appointment with optional video connection information and then chart and bill the visit using PCC EHR. Patients and families will see telemedicine information in the portal, and billers will have everything they need to post charges and queue up a claim.

Get Started

  • Generate Forms in PCC EHR

    Your practice can generate visit forms, excuse letters, lab requisitions, and other form letters in PCC EHR. Whether you print forms on paper, or create electronic copies in the patient's chart and send them via the patient portal, PCC EHR can create the form you need.
  • New User Training for Clinicians

    Use this new user training outline to learn how to complete clinical tasks in PCC.
  • New User Training for Front Desk Staff

    Use this new user training outline to learn how to complete front desk tasks in PCC.

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