Triage a Phone Call

Training Videos

  • Work With Phone Notes and Tasks

    10 minutes • 04-2019
    How does your practice triage a phone call? Take messages, record advice, and make sure that every callback happens? Watch this video to learn how to create a phone note in PCC EHR. You'll also learn the basics of tasks and the Messaging queue.
  • Create Referrals, Labs, and Orders on Phone Notes (and Other Messages)

    4 minutes • 01-2020
    As you take down a phone note or respond to a portal message, you can click to create a referral, a lab, or another order. Watch this video to see examples and learn more.
  • Bill for Phone Encounters and Portal Messages

    6.5 min • 03-2020
    After you complete a phone note or portal message thread in PCC EHR, you can bill for the encounter right in PCC EHR.

Get Started

  • Create a Phone Note

    When the phone rings, follow this procedure to enter a new phone note in a patient's chart and optionally create follow-up tasks and orders. Read this article to learn how to add or delete a phone note.

Learn More

  • Review Patient Phone Note History

    A phone note record is stored just like any patient visit: in the Visit History, in the chart. Open a chart and click on Visit History to review all previous phone notes.
  • Work on Messaging Tasks, Document Tasks, Call Backs, and More

    Use the Messaging queue to review outstanding phone tasks, lab follow-up calls, and other tasks that you need to perform.
  • Bill for Phone Encounters and Portal Messages

    Your practice can bill for phone calls and portal messages. Read this article to learn how to chart and bill for a phone encounter (or portal message thread). You'll also find configuration instructions and tips for turning phone calls and portal messages into billable telemedicine encounters.