Update NPIs, Taxonomy Codes, and Tax IDs

Every insurance carrier requires the same clinician information for each claim: a name, a taxonomy code, a National Provider Identifier, and a Tax Identification number. Follow the procedure below to enter or update this information in PCC’s Partner practice management system.

Where Do You Get Your NPIs?: Before beginning this procedure, you need to obtain an NPI for each of your clinicians and your practice. You can register for an NPI online at the NPPES Web site (https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov/).

Run ted

You can run ted from the Partner Administration window of your Partner Windows. You can also type ted at a command prompt.

Open the Providers Table

From the list of tables, select number eight, Providers, and press Enter.

Select Your Practice or “Office” Provider

Type the number next to the “Office” provider and press Enter. If you have a multiple-practice database, you may have several practices listed independently.

Enter the NPI and Tax ID# For Your Practice

In the fields shown, enter your practice’s ten-digit NPI and nine-digit Tax ID numbers.


F1 – Save And Quit

Press F1 to save your changes and return to the index of providers. You can also press Page Down to save and continue to the next provider.

Repeat the Process For Each Non-Retired Provider

Select each provider for whom you have identifier information, enter the information, and save your changes.

Which Identifiers Matter?: The four identifiers currently required on insurance claims are the Provider Name, Taxonomy Code, Tax ID#, and NPI#. If your payor requires other information on your claims, read the provids section below and contact PCC for assistance.

What is a Taxonomy Code?: A Taxonomy code is a code indicating a provider’s speciality. You can pick from a list of taxonomy codes by entering an asterisk (*) and pressing Enter.

Optional: Configure Custom (Per Insurance Company) Identifiers

In rare cases, an insurance company may require a unique identifier beyond the NPI, Tax ID# or Taxonomy Code. Read the Provider ID Editor article for more information.

PCC EHR Users: Add NPI Numbers and Other Identifiers to PCC EHR User Accounts

The NPI numbers in the Partner billing system indicate the servicing and billing providers. In PCC EHR, charting and clinical services are also recorded with an NPI number. You should review your PCC EHR user accounts and add the appropriate NPI, along with other important identifiers used for prescribing and other services.

  • Last modified: March 30, 2018