Select Codes and Make an Encounter Ready For Billing

After you have added orders and diagnoses to a chart note, you can click "Bill" to start the billing process. Read below to learn more.

Training Videos

  • Prepare an Encounter for Billing

    6 minutes • 03-2021
    Learn how to review and link diagnoses and procedures and make a visit ready for billing in PCC EHR.
  • Bill for Phone Encounters and Portal Messages

    6.5 min • 03-2020
    After you complete a phone note or portal message thread in PCC EHR, you can bill for the encounter right in PCC EHR.
  • Schedule, Chart, and Bill a Telemedicine Encounter

    8 min • 04-2020
    Schedule a telemedicine appointment with optional video connection information and then chart and bill the visit using PCC EHR. Patients and families will see telemedicine information in the portal, and billers will have everything they need to post charges and queue up a claim.

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  • Check Patient Insurance Eligibility

    PCC automatically checks insurance eligibility for all of a scheduled patient's active insurance plans, if the carriers support automated eligibility. You can use eligibility features in PCC to review and confirm eligibility for upcoming appointments. You can also review and re-check a patient's insurance eligibility status during Patient Check-In.
  • Review What Was Billed for an Encounter

    After you bill a visit in PCC EHR, you can return to the patient chart and review what was sent to the checkout program.
  • Bill for Phone Notes and Portal Messages

    Your practice can bill for phone calls and portal messages. Read this article to learn how to chart and bill for a phone encounter (or portal message thread). You'll also find configuration instructions and tips for turning phone calls and portal messages into billable telemedicine encounters.
  • Schedule, Chart, and Bill a Telemedicine Visit

    Learn how to schedule, chart and bill a telemedicine visit with PCC.