Submit Claims

After a clinician has charted a visit and a biller has posted and reviewed the charges, your practice next prepares and sends claims to insurance companies and other payers.

Training Videos

  • Submit Claims

    7 minutes • 2023-07
    Learn how to submit claims with PCC.
  • Hold Claims

    6 min • 06-2022
    Watch this video to learn how to use the Claim Holds tool to hold back claims for specific dates of service, billing providers, locations, and insurance plans.
  • Read ERA 835s from Payors

    8.5 • 2024-02
    When you need to review the insurance company's full response to a claim submission, how do you open and work with the ERA 835 file in PCC?

Get Started

  • Submit Claims

    Learn how to submit claims in PCC EHR or in the previous Practice Management tool.

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