Review and Sign Chart Notes, Orders and Documents

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  • Sign Orders

    You can mark any order, such as a lab or medical procedure, to indicate that a signature is required. You may do this for actual signing purposes, or simply to indicate that a clinician needs to review some aspect of the order.
  • Sign Phone Notes

    You can mark any phone note to indicate that it needs signing. Select the provider from the Phone Note screen.
  • Signing Documents

    You can mark any document to indicate that it need review and signing. Select the clinician from the Import Documents screen or the Edit Tags window.
  • Sign Visit Chart Notes

    Many providers signal that they are finished with a chart by "signing" their work. You can sign a chart note by clicking the "Sign" button at the bottom of the chart note screen.
  • Co-Sign Visit Chart Notes

    If your office uses co-signing, an optional feature in PCC EHR, then some clinicians may require another physician to co-sign their visit chart notes.