CVX and MVX Codes in PCC

PCC stores CVX and MVX codes with each immunization you administer. You can enter your office’s CVX and MVX codes in the Table Editor (ted) of Partner, and you can use the cvxreport tool to compare your practice’s codes with the CDC’s reference.

Why Do These Codes Matter?: Many PCC features, such as Immunization Forecasting and Immunization Registries, rely on these codes to uniquely identify each immunization that your practice administers. CVX and MVX codes are also part of the HL7 standard used by the CDC, and they are referenced by the ARRA EHR Medicaid Incentive program and Meaningful Use.

If you keep your practice’s CVX and MVX codes up-to-date in your system, PCC EHR’s databases will include them in the patient record for every immunization you administer.

Learn More About MVX and CVX Codes

You can review the list of MVX and CVX codes online, at the Web site:

Compare Your Practice’s CVX Immunization Configuration with the CDC’s Official CVX Codes

You can use PCC’s cvxreport tool to review your practice’s current CVX code configuration and also generate a CDC reference guide to all CVX codes.

PCC Support can help you run cvxreport, or you can run it yourself from a command prompt.

Select the first report to review your practice’s configuration.

Or, select the second report to review the CDC’s official list of immunizations and CVX codes.

While reviewing either report, you can press F2Send To... in order to print or e-mail the report.

Update Your CVX and MVX Codes In PCC

First, check your vaccine fridge and record the specific CVX and MVX codes that your practice administers.

Once you have reviewed your practice’s configuration, compared it with the CDC’s list, and checked your refrigerator to see which specific formulations you administer, you can enter your CVX codes in the Immunization and Disease Table in the Table Editor (ted).

Actually, Just Call PCC Support!: While you can make the following adjustments yourself, PCC recommends you give us a call. We’ll be happy to review your immunization configuration for you and make any changes. As we review your codes, we can also make sure that the correct procedures you perform are showing up for each immunization.

Run the Table Editor (ted) and use the Immunization and Disease Table and the Imms Manufacturer Table to enter the appropriate MVX and CVX codes for each immunization.

You can type an asterisk (*) to see a full list of possible entries.

When you enter a code, Partner will check it against the master list of CVX or MVX codes and indicate the corresponding HL7 value to the right of the field, as indicated above.

What Else Should I Check?

Once you have entered the codes in your Partner tables, PCC EHR will automatically record the correct MVX and CVX information whenever you administer an immunization. No further work or configuration is needed.

You can learn about other immunization configuration steps by reading these two help articles:

  • Last modified: May 23, 2023