Check In a Patient

Training Videos

  • Review and Update Patient Insurance Policies

    7 minutes • 06-2018
    Learn how to review, update, and edit policies in PCC EHR.
  • Check In a Patient

    11.5 min • 08-2018
    Watch this video to learn how to check in patients in PCC EHR. During check-in, you can review account information, update policies and verify eligibility, collect payment, and help patients and families get signed up with your patient portal.
  • Configure Patient Check-In

    9 min • 09-2018
    Configure Patient Check-In to meet the needs of your practice.
  • Check Patient Insurance Eligibility

    9.5 minutes • 12-2018
    Learn how to verify patient insurance eligibility with PCC.

Get Started

  • Review and Update Patient Insurance Policies

    Use the "Policies" component to add, update, and work with a patient's insurance policies and medicaid plans in PCC EHR.
  • Check In a Patient

    When a patient arrives at your practice, use Patient Check-In to check them in. Patient Check-In will help you review the family's demographic and insurance information, check insurance eligibility, review outstanding balances and post payments, and more.

Learn More

  • Check Patient Insurance Eligibility

    PCC automatically checks insurance eligibility for all of a scheduled patient's active insurance plans, if the carriers support automated eligibility. You can use eligibility features in PCC to review and confirm eligibility for upcoming appointments. You can also review and re-check a patient's insurance eligibility status during Patient Check-In.
  • Configure Patient Check-In

    You can configure Patient Check-In in PCC EHR to meet the specific needs of your practice. You can adjust what components appear, create custom headers for your front desk staff, and create custom Patient Check-In Clinical Alerts.
  • Print Visit Forms

    What do you hand patients and families when they walk in the door? Your practice may generate educational handouts specific to a visit reason, encounter forms for the clinician, and other visit forms. Use the “Print Visit Forms” features in PCC EHR to generate all the visit forms for the day, or to print them […]
  • Send a Text Message Directly to a Patient or Family

    Is a family waiting in the car before their appointment? Do you need to send a family a URL link for a telemedicine connection? You can now send a text message directly to a patient’s cell phone number.