Help Families Resubscribe to Broadcast Emails and Opt In to Text Messages From Your Practice

When a patient or their caregiver indicates that they did not receive your latest text (SMS) message or broadcast email, you can easily determine if it is because they have opted out of communication from your practice.

Look up the person’s phone number or email address in PCC EHR and see if an icon appears beside it.

If you see an icon, it indicates that the contact method will not receive an email or SMS message from PCC EHR.

PCC EHR Does Not Contact Unsubscribed Emails and Opted-Out Phone Numbers: PCC EHR does not send broadcast messages to unsubscribed email addresses, nor does it send any kind of text message to opted-out mobile phone numbers, including broadcast messages, single text messages, and patient portal notifications.

Clicking that icon opens a window explaining the issue with that contact method and how to resolve it.

Unsubscribed Email Addresses

If a user has unsubscribed from receiving email addresses, they’ll receive no messages from PCC. Clicking the icon pops up a window with the option to send an invite email. Clicking the link in that email will resubscribe the email address to your emails.

Invalid Email Address

If the email address is not unsubscribed but still not receiving emails, you’ll find the option to correct any typo in the email address, or mark the email address as correct. Marking the address as correct does not guarantee the next message will send, but it clears the error and attempts to send future messages.

Invalid Phone Numbers

If the phone number is incorrect or formatted incorrectly, such as a missing area code, or it’s a landline and cannot receive SMS messages, you’ll have the opportunity to fix the number. Like the email above, marking the number as correct doesn’t guarantee the next message will go through.

Phone Number is Unsubscribed

If the phone number has opted out of receiving text messages, the only resolution is for that user to text UNSTOP to the number displayed in the window.

  • Last modified: October 17, 2023