Manage and Administer Your PCC Tools

Are you the PCC guru at your practice? Or are you in charge of system backups, purchasing new laptops, or helping a user who has forgotten their password? You might be the physician who has extra skills customizing chart notes. You might be the office manager who is in charge of granting permissions for different software tools in Partner and PCC EHR.

PCC Support is ready to help 24/7, and you may have a local IT consultant who helps you manage your office's technical needs... however, every practice needs a System Administrator, or PCC Software Administrator, or another Office Hero who can pop the hood and make configuration changes from time to time.

Read the help articles in this section to find out how to manage and administer all the different software and hardware tools related to your PCC services.

Training Videos

  • Patient Medical Record Privacy

    10.5 minutes • 9-2017
    Use and configure PCC software to ensure patients' PHI is only available to those with permission to view it.

Get Started

  • Connect to Your PCC System from Home

    Connect to PCC EHR using SecureConnect from your home or remote office. Follow the instructions below to configure your personal computer and connect.
  • Contact PCC Support

    All PCC clients have a guaranteed support plan. You should always feel free to contact PCC for help with our software, hardware, or services. Talk to PCC when you are considering new hardware or software, making major configuration changes, or moving your office. Let us know so we can help!
  • Prepare for a PCC Software Update

    When a software update for PCC is ready for your office, what should you do to prepare?

Learn More

  • Your PCC Data Conversion

    When you start using PCC at your practice, will your patient and account records already appear in PCC, or will you be entering everything from scratch?
  • Review Your PCC Data Conversion

    After PCC completes your data conversion from your previous practice management system, you must review the new data in your Partner system to ensure that the conversion was successful. Were all patients and accounts transferred to the Partner system? Are patient medical records identical between the old system and Partner?
  • Storm and Emergency Preparation

    When bad weather or other emergencies approach, your Partner practice and PCC EHR data may be the last thing on your mind. By taking a few simple precautions, you can protect your equipment as well as your patient database and accounts receivable records.
  • Installation Specifications for PCC Systems

    Welcome to PCC. The instructions below contain a detailed explanation of the hardware installation requirements for PCC systems. These specifications define what is included in your PCC Customer Care Plan and provide information to help you avoid problems during the design and installation of your office network.
  • PCC Downloads

    This page contains software downloads that help you connect to PCC's software or that facilitate PCC services. Some of these items were created by a third-party. If you are uncertain what download you need, please contact PCC Support.
  • Patient Care Centers in PCC Software

    If your practice has multiple locations that operate independently, you can turn on the Care Center feature in PCC software. Once the feature is turned on, you can assign patients to a specific care center.
  • The PCC EHR Audit Log

    Use the PCC EHR Audit Log to review details about system events pertaining to a patient's chart.
  • Protect Patient Privacy Overview

    PCC includes many different tools and features to help your practice make sure a patient's medical information is protected.
  • Update Your PCC Email Preferences

    PCC reaches out to one or more folks at your office via email, and PCC services (like the online PCC Community) have optional email notifications. If your practice has a new Office Manager, or you get a new email address, how do you update the ways that PCC contacts you? How do you set your […]
  • Install and Set Up the Authy App

    The Authy app turns your smartphone into a secure password generator for taking certain actions on your PCC system. Secure Authy passwords are used in conjunction with your regular PCC password to provide an extra layer of security for your account. This article covers how to install and set up the Authy app on your smartphone and tailor notifications to your preference.
  • Authorize Users for PCC SecureConnect

    Authorize or bar users from accessing your office remotely through PCC SecureConnect and reset the pairing with whichever device is in use for two-factor authentication.