The Front Desk and PCC

Schedule patients, check them in, check them out. Don't forget to collect the copay and confirm insurance information! This section contains procedures and guides for the front desk of a pediatric practice using PCC.

Most pediatric practices do a lot of cross-training. Sometimes the front desk posts charges for a visit, and sometimes only the billing office handles that.

Read the articles and watch the videos in this section to learn about front desk workflows with PCC.

Get Started

  • Generate Form Letters in PCC EHR

    Your practice can generate visit forms, excuse letters, lab requisitions, and other form letters in PCC EHR. Whether you print forms on paper, or create electronic copies in the patient's chart and send them via the patient portal, PCC EHR can create the form you need.
  • New User Training for Front Desk Staff

    Use the outline below to learn how to complete front desk tasks in PCC. For personalized training, help with configuration, or other needs, contact PCC Support. Check In a Patient Update demographic information, verify insurance policy details, and collect copays when patients arrive for their appointments. Manage the Schedule and Complete Tasks Ensure the schedule […]

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