Pediatric Practice Oversight Reporting with PCC

You can use PCC reports to identify problem areas in your A/R, review collections, and evaluate your growth as a practice. The tables below show PCC’s recommended reporting tools for practice oversight on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

These periodic tasks are recommendations only and every practice’s situation and needs are different. As a pediatric practice owner, practice manager, or billing manager you won’t necessarily run all of these reports on the given schedule. Instead you can evaluate which tools will help you address the oversight that your practice needs. Contact PCC Support at any time to discuss your particular needs or if you’d like help finding a report or designing a custom report.

Getting Started?: If you’re just getting started with using PCC’s tools for practice oversight, PCC recommends you take a look at your Practice Vitals Dashboard, where you can evaluate performance on various metrics.


Report Title Purpose Where to Find
Custom Huddle Sheet Identify overdue balances for today’s patients Report Library (PCC EHR)
Visits by Billing Status Ensure today’s encounter charges were posted Report Library (PCC EHR)
Daily Check Review coding for today’s charges Practice Management
Payment Reconciliation Report Reconcile today’s payments with cash drawers and credit card totals Report Library (PCC EHR)
Daysheet Postings Check Review changes to A/R Practice Management


Report Title Purpose Where to Find
Copay Collection Ratio Review copay collection Practice Management – SRS
Need Corrections Review claims with unaddressed issues that prevent submission Claims Tool (PCC EHR)
Claim and Billing Error Report Review unresolved claim rejections Practice Management – SRS
Encounters by Billing Status Review all encounters that were not billed Report Library (PCC EHR)


Report Title Purpose Where to Find
Detailed A/R Summary Report Track your A/R trends Practice Vitals Dashboard (PCC EHR)
Insurance Aging Report Review A/R summary by payor Practice Management
Insurance Accounts Receivable Detail Review unpaid claims Practice Management
Daysheet Totals by Posting Month (Wide Style) Calculate revenue for the practice Practice Management – SRS
Daysheet Totals by Provider Calculate revenue by provider Practice Management – SRS
Total Visits, Charges, and Payments by Provider Evaluate individual provider performance Practice Management – SRS
Missed Appointment Rate Evaluate missed appointment trends Practice Vitals Dashboard (PCC EHR)
Appointments Respond to missed appointment instances Report Library (PCC EHR)
E&M Coding Distribution by Provider Evaluate provider coding Practice Management – SRS
New Patients by Visit Type Review new patient list Practice Management – SRS
Payments/Adjustments by Payment Type Review adjustments and write-offs to spot possible fraud Practice Management – SRS
Patient List Look for well visit recall opportunities Report Library (PCC EHR)
Allowable Over/Under Payments by Payor Group and Check Review contract fee schedule discrepancies Practice Management – SRS


Report Title Purpose Where to Find
Revenue per Visit by Payor Evaluate income by insurance group Practice Management – SRS
Revenue per visit with/without imms/location adjusted Evaluate average visit income Practice Vitals Dashboard (PCC EHR)
Patient Population Measure practice growth or contraction Practice Vitals Dashboard (PCC EHR)
Patient Population by Provider Measure practice growth or contraction by clinician Practice Vitals Dashboard (PCC EHR)
Coding Expertise Consider coding diversity and underutilized codes Practice Vitals Dashboard (PCC EHR)
Sick-to-Well Ratio Evaluate ratio of sick visits to well visits Practice Vitals Dashboard (PCC EHR)
Sick/Well Visit Analysis (Practice Average) Review seasonal trends of well and sick visits Practice Management – SRS
Per-Visit Analysis by Provider (Grouped by Visit Type) Optimize clinician seasonal schedules Practice Management – SRS
Depression & Developmental Screening Rates Evaluate use of screenings Practice Vitals Dashboard (PCC EHR)
Patients 2 Years Old
Evaluate immunization rates Practice Vitals Dashboard (PCC EHR)


Report Title Purpose Where to Find
Pricing RVU Report Update your practice’s prices Practice Management – SRS
Monthly Trends Review productivity trends Practice Vitals Dashboard (PCC EHR)
Due for Influenza Vaccination Plan for your flu season Practice Vitals Dashboard (PCC EHR)
Appointment Stat Report – Month/Day of Week Evaluate staffing needs by total visits Practice Management – SRS
Monthly Visit Trends by Visit Type Evaluate staffing needs by visit reason totals Practice Management – SRS
Accounts with Credit Balances Investigate credits that negatively affect your A/R accuracy Practice Management – SRS
Gross Collection Ratio Report Evaluate year-over-year collections Practice Management – SRS
Payor Mix Analysis – Yearly Trends Evaluate annual growth or contraction by insurance group Practice Management – SRS
Insurance Table Listing by Group Review insurance reporting accuracy Practice Management – SRS
Procedure Table Listing by Group Review billing code reporting accuracy Practice Management – SRS
Total Visits by Age Group and Visit Type – Yearly Comparison Review annual trends in visits by patient age Practice Management – SRS
Contract Fee Schedule Editor Review accuracy of contract fee schedules Practic Management
  • Last modified: May 30, 2024