Accounting Challenges

The medical biller’s job would be easier if accounts paid on time and insurance companies reimbursed the correct amount. Unfortunately, accounts build up balances and credits and insurance companies overpay, underpay, and demand “takebacks.”

The sections below include step-by-step instructions for handling common accounting challenges. You will learn how to:

  • Refund a personal balance

  • Refund a bad check, reinstate the charge, and post a penalty fee

  • Turn an account over to a collection agency

  • Post an insurance interest payment

  • Post an insurance overpayment

  • Write-off a credit, turning it into revenue

  • Handle an insurance refund or “takeback”

The instructions in these sections assume you have a solid, working knowledge of Partner’s billing tools and basic configuration. For additional information, training, and assistance with these procedures, contact PCC support at or 1-800-722-7708.

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  • Last modified: July 26, 2021