Create a Custom Report

You can generate and save custom reports and report categories in PCC EHR.

Video Overview: For a video walk-through of custom report creation, watch Create a Custom Report.

Create Custom Reports

To create a custom report, click the “Customize Report” button at the bottom of any existing report.

Here you can give the report a new title and description, assign any number of categories, and select which criteria you want to appear on the report. Selection boxes here are sticky, so any options you choose on the Customize Report screen will be the default selections when you run the report.

Select Columns

You can configure which columns will be available in a report before you generate it. The more columns your report includes, the longer it will take to generate.

When you are customizing a report, click “Edit” under “Columns to Include” and then choose which columns to include in the report.

Select Criteria

Use the “Select Criteria” button to add or remove criteria from a report. This is particularly useful if you are starting from a large data source report that contains criteria that is not needed to find the data you are looking for.

Preview and Save

Make any default selections, and click “Preview”.

In the report preview, you can select which columns will display by default when you run the new report. You can also click “Back” to make any adjustments. To save the new report, click “Save As”.

Once you have saved your new report, you can run it just like any other report. It will appear in the Report Library listed alphabetically in each category you assigned it to.

Use Data Source Reports to Start a Custom Report

The Data Source report category contains a number of master reports with extensive filter sets, which may be perfect for using as a foundation for custom reports. If you want to go beyond tweaking a report that already exists and create something totally new, a data source report is a great place to start.

Edit or Delete a Custom Report Report

You can return to your custom report to edit it again at any time.

When you open the report, click the “Customize Report” button.

Click “Delete Report” to delete your custom report.

Create Custom Report Categories

The Report Library in PCC EHR organizes reports into categories. Your practice can create its own custom categories in PCC EHR’s Report Library, and can choose how to categorize reports.

Click the “Edit Custom Categories” Button at the bottom of the Report Library.

You will see a list of your categories. You can add, delete, or edit categories.

Categories are Practice-wide: These categories are not user-specific, they are available to everyone in your practice.

Add a Report to a Custom Category

To add a report to a new category, open the report in the Report Library.

The categories the report already belongs to are displayed at the top of the report. To make a change, click “Edit Categories”.

Use the checkboxes to add and remove the report from categories, then click “Save”.

  • Last modified: February 9, 2022