Pediatric Benchmarks For Your Practice

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  • Your Financial and Clinical Pulse Scores in the Dashboard

    The Financial and Clinical Pulse pages in your Practice Vitals Dashboard display a detailed explanation of your practice's overall health. The colored gauge on the front page gives you an at-a-glance idea of how your practice is doing compared to national metrics.
  • EDI Dashboard

    The EDI Dashboard shows you detailed totals for your practice's claim activity. You can see total claims, amount billed, and amount rejected or accepted by the claim clearinghouse and payor. You can use the EDI Dashboard to evaluate your claim volume (for both electronic and paper claims) and rejection rates for individual payers.
  • Productivity Dashboard

    The Productivity Dashboard reports on visits and RVU totals, per provider or per location. You can track visit trends over time, and examine activity for a specific physician.
  • Review Individual Dashboard Measures

    Click on any dashboard measure from your Practice Vitals Dashboard to see more details.
  • Patient Population Dashboard

    The Patient Population dashboard displays a dynamic age distribution graph.
  • Review Your PCMH Measures and Performance on a Dashboard

    The PCMH dashboard page contains all of the PCC Practice Vitals Dashboard measures that relate to NCQA's 2014 PCMH standards. This page can be used to monitor your performance toward meeting specific elements and factors. You can also print this page to share the data with staff and providers and for submission to NCQA as part of your application for PCMH recogntion.
  • Analyze and Respond to COVID-19’s Impact in Your Dashboard

    Use the COVID-19 section of your Practice Vitals Dashboard to track and analyze the impact on your practice. Along with details on your practice's charges, payments, and visit volume, you'll find recommendations and links to more resources.