Generate Clinical Reports

Check out the articles below to learn about the PCC EHR Report Library. You can create powerful reports on vaccination, diagnoses, and other clinical data. You can also visit your practice's Practice Vitals Dashboard to see how your practice performs against benchmarks. PCC's powerful, customizable reports can help you understand clinical outcomes for populations and make decisions for your practice.

Training Videos

  • Create a Custom Report

    8 minutes • 09-2019
    How to use PCC EHR's Report Library to create custom reports.
  • Recall Patients Who Are Overdue for Vaccines

    3 minutes • 11-2019
    PCC EHR can create custom lists of patients who are overdue for any vaccine, or who are due soon. Watch this video to learn how to use the Overdue Vaccine Recall report.
  • Video: Schedule Reports in PCC EHR

    4.5 minutes • 09-2020
    Schedule a report to run automatically, periodically
  • Send, Receive, and Reconcile Direct Secure Messages

    10.5 minutes • 07-2022
    Learn how to send, receive, and reconcile Direct Secure Messages, a HIPAA-compliant method in PCC EHR that empowers practices to communicate and share records with other healthcare providers.
  • Clinical Document Exchange: The Responder Role

    8 minutes • 07-2022
    Learn how to exchange clinical information with health care providers through Clinical Document Exchange, how to configure settings for patient consent, and how to get started with the Responder Role at PCC.

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  • Run the Clinical Quality Measures Report

    The Clinical Quality Measures report calculates your office's performance on CMS CQM guidelines. Follow the procedure below to use the report.
  • Patient Visit Summary Report

    The Patient Visit Summary is an "end-of-visit" clinical summary report. It details everything that happened during an appointment. The report also includes an overview of other patient medical information. You can also customize what appears on the report and configure special components which will include patient instructions and other information.
  • Find and Share Patient Education and Handouts

    PCC EHR has built-in access to two libraries of patient education resources. The AAP’s Pediatric Patient Education library and the NLM’s MedlinePlus library give you instant access to handouts and current medical information on a wide range of topics.
  • Phone Encounter Performance Report

    You can use the Phone Encounter Performance report to track phone note response time, report on phone tasks, and gather data for PCMH purposes.
  • Health Information Summary Report

    You can generate a paper or electronic copy of a patient's health record with the Health Information Summary Report.
  • Patient Lists

    PCC EHR can create lists of patients based on complex criteria. You can save those criteria as special reports that you can re-run at any time.
  • Patient Reminders

    PCC EHR can create reminder lists of patients based on complex criteria. You can save those criteria as Patient Reminders that you can re-run at any time, and generate a contact file.
  • Get Started with Direct Secure Messaging

    PCC EHR includes Direct Secure Messaging. Direct Secure Messaging is a communication technology for the transmission and exchange of private health information. Your practice can use Direct Secure Messaging for transitions of care, and patient portal users can use Direct Secure Messaging to send their visit information to other medical practitioners.
  • Summary of Care Record Report

    The Summary of Care Record report produces a C-CDA-formatted chart summary for a patient. Your practice can use the report as a transition of care document. Optionally, if your practice uses Direct Secure Messaging, you can transmit the report to another clinician or practice.
  • Vaccine Lot Report

    You can run the Vaccine Lot report in PCC EHR, to identify all patients who received a particular vaccine within a date range.
  • Report on Lab Test Results in PCC EHR

    You can report on lab test results in the Report Library in PCC EHR. Run the Test Results Report In the Report Library in PCC EHR, open the Test Results report from the Clinical category. Set up the report filters. You can filter the report based on lab order date, test name, test status, encounter […]
  • Washington State C-CDA Submission for Apple Care Patients

    Use PCC reports and tools to send patient chart records to the Washington Medicaid Link4Health Clinical Data Repository.
  • Find and Recall Patients Who Are Overdue for Vaccines

    Which 13-year-olds at your practice never came in for an HPV shot? Can you quickly find all the six-year-olds who never made it in for their final IPV, MMR, and Varicella? PCC can find all of your patients that are due or overdue for vaccines and produce customizable reports.
  • Send and Receive Direct Secure Messages

    When you need to send a secure message to another provider, or a hospital needs to send you patient records, you can use Direct Secure Messaging–a communication technology used to exchange private medical information. You can send your message, along with a Summary of Care Record, directly to a specialist, another pediatrician, or other healthcare […]