UC 2023 Videos and Course Materials

In 2023, PCC’s Users’ Conference was held in Burlington, Vermont. We celebrated PCC’s 40th anniversary with a 1980s theme.

Over 700 attendees participated both online and in-person in 63 courses, sessions, and round tables on issues of importance to pediatric practices.

Sessions were recorded, and where possible we’ve made them available on a PCC UC 2023 playlist, and using the links below. Attendees can access course and video information on the PCC Events app. Most materials will be available for at least one year following the conference.

You can review the UC 2023 Dashboard Awards, photo albums, and more at pcc.com’s UC 2023 page.

Course Descriptions, Slides, and Videos

Course Title Course Description Materials
2023 Coding Updates
Join PCC’s Jan Blanchard for a heads up on the new Pediatric ICD-10 and CPT coding changes for 2023.

Presented By: Jan Blanchard

2024 NCQA PCMH Annual Reporting Changes
Get insider knowledge of the 2024 NCQA PCMH Annual reporting changes and learn how to implement the changes with effective workflows.

Presented By: Kate Taylor, Amanda Ciadella

A Doctor and a Coder Walk into a Bar
The exact types of expertise needed to really nail documentation and E&M compliance are shared in this entertaining and interactive session. Krekamey Craig, MD shares real encounter examples from her experience as a practicing Pediatrician and Jan Blanchard highlights the coding guardrails around billing for these Primary Care Pediatric services. Come get the best guidance from both of the worlds you must navigate to be paid for all that you do and to *keep* that payment.

Presented By: Jan Blanchard, Krekamey Craig

A Practical Guide on Auditing Your Billing Department
Every office should have a strong understanding of their billing practices. Performing regular internal audits is an essential part to keeping your practice thriving and developing a plan that fits the needs of your organization is attainable. In this session you will learn the tools you need in areas such as correct modifiers, verifying large write-off balances, A/R follow-up and more.

Presented By: Heidi Chamberlin

Addressing Grief and Loss in Practice
Many of our children and families have experienced the loss of a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, pediatricians have not been traditionally trained in grief counseling and report discomfort in addressing this topic with patients. This session will discuss the basics in addressing grief and loss with and provide tips regarding how to comfort and partner with families during these most difficult experiences.

Presented By: Colleen Kraft

Advanced Reporting Workshop
Looking to gain a deeper understanding of how to build customized reports using PCC’s reporting tools including the Smart Report Suite (srs) and the EHR Report Library? Join us for this hands-on, interactive workshop to explore some of the advanced functionality within PCC’s reporting tools. Your PCC instructors will introduce you to report data sources and how to build customized report filters and output to meet your reporting needs. Come prepared with a laptop enabled with connectivity to your practice. One goal of this session is to create at least one new customized report on your own practice server.

Presented By: Tim Proctor, Jim Smith, Kate Taylor

Advancing Pediatrics 2023
Mark will discuss how the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is working to solve the challenges currently facing pediatricians and pediatric medicine. Improvements are needed across the pediatric health care system to empower pediatricians to care for children and families.

Presented By: Mark Del Monte, JD

Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Professional Bios in 500 Words or Less
This workshop will cover the basics of what constitutes a great professional bio for websites, speaking events, professional networking, and more. Attendees will workshop their bios and compare with partners for half the session.

Presented By: Allie Squires

An Independent Pediatrician’s Journey to Ukraine
As news of the war in Ukraine escalated in 2022, Dr. Kent Kleppinger listened in with increasing concern from his practice in Laramie, Wyoming. When Dr. Kleppinger decided to step in to help physicians in Ukraine, he didn’t hesitate; he went all in.

Presented By: Kent Kleppinger, MD

Ask Chip
Bring your practice management questions and PCC’s resident practice management expert, Chip Hart, will answer them live.

Presented By: Chip Hart

Back to the Future A PCC Roadmap Review
A review of the past year of PCC changes and a preview of what’s to come. Come learn what PCC has in store for you!

Presented By: Scott Ploof

Billing Drop In Live from the UC!
Come meet all of your Pediatric Billing peers at this live, in person event modeled on our monthly virtual get togethers. No one knows your work like billing experts! Who better to offer solutions, time savers, shortcuts, tools, and resources than your fellow peers who are also using PCC? This is an opportunity to bring your questions and challenges to peers and experts in a low-key, casual, and friendly face-to-face environment.

Presented By: The Get Paid Team

Burnout: Or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Job
Burnout has reached an all-time high among physicians in pediatrics. Using the latest information from positive psychology as well as proven stratgies from professional organizations, Dr. Trimble hopes to guide you through the best ways to understand and finally manage burnout. Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your people and bust through the chaos!

Presented By: Robert Trimble

CHADIS Workflow Roundtable (In-Person Only)
This is an opportunity for clients to get together and discuss CHADIS workflow challenges, best practices, and more. Learn from PCC’s CHADIS expert, Sasha Pavlovic, and others in a conversational setting.

Presented By: Sasha Pavlovic

Change Management for Managing Change
Every day in a busy pediatric practice you’re overwhelmed by the number of tactical decisions you need to make. This makes it difficult to think strategically for your practice. How can you ever evolve to become the practice you dreamed of being if you don’t have the time or organizational capacity to make the necessary changes. We will review a few simple guidelines that will help your practice make important changes to improve the quality of your care and the success of your practice.

Presented By: Chip Hart

Dark Side of the Moon
This is a class about how to use your practice as a tool to reach beyond the walls of your office. Vaccine clinics at local schools, mobile wellness visits at a homeless shelter, presence at the local farmer’s markets, and pairing with local vendors are all ways in which to explore other sides of the four walls of your office.

Presented By: Katie Schafer

Dashboard Awards Presentation
We’ll present this year’s dashboard awards at lunch!

Presented By: PCC

Disaster Preparedness for Solo and Small Practices: Lessons from My Journey with Cancer
I will use my personal journey with cancer to illustrate the kinds of planning and preparation that small and solo practice owners need to consider. We’ll discuss issues of continuity, insurance, communication and lessons learned for self-care to help ensure that when the unthinkable happens, the survival of one’s practice can take a back seat to returning to health.

Presented By: Seth Kaplan

Enneagram Magic: The Power of Self- Awareness
“Teamwork makes the dream work;” but first, one must look within themselves. Self-awareness helps us be fiercely present, have honest conversations, build trust and ultimately improve relationships, culture and productivity. The enneagram offers a self- awareness framework to better understand the “why” behind our actions AND inspires us to be curious about understanding the “whys” of those around us. During this session, we will do a deep dive into how to use the enneagram to promote self-discovery, provide feedback and improve teaming at work and at home. That is where the magic lies.

Presented By: Akshata Hopkins

Everybody Wants to Use New Forms (In-Person Only)
Join our Forms Development Team for a discussion of the migration process to PCC’s new forms solution and an opportunity to experiment with the product on your own. This hands-on workshop will include guided exercises allowing you to experience the Forms Configuration Tool within your own EHR system. Attendance at the prior “Sweet Forms O’ Mine” introductory session is recommended. This session will not be streamed for virtual attendees.

Presented By: Dan Gillette, Tim Proctor

Front Desk Best Practices
Explore front desk best practices related to scheduling, check-in, insurance verification and copay collection and what has changed as offices work within the pandemic. Understand the importance of the front desk when it comes to your practice’s workflow and collection process.

Presented By: Lynne Gratton

Get Ready to Dive Into Credit Card Processing: Let the Fun Begin!
We surveyed the PCC practices and the strong majority wanted a credit card processing workshop using CardPointe and/or BluePay with a strong emphasis on Credit Card on File (workflows, pros/cons etc), PCI Compliance, Patient Portal Marketing and setting up/maintaining payment plans.

Presented By: James & Sarah Estes

Grow Your Own EDI Superuser
Explore the lifecycle of electronic eligibility requests, claim submissions, and ERA responses. Along the way, you will learn about the underlying transactions (837P, 270 and 271, 835). By the end of this course, you’ll become the EDI superuser your practice needs: you’ll understand how to troubleshoot eligibility issues, decode confusing payor responses, and when to work with PCC.

Presented By: Ben Brandt

Hardware Petting Zoo (In-Person Only)
We will display and describe current and older equipment supplied by PCC, as well as allow participants to actually plug, click and manipulate equipment. This session is an intro to hardware for the techno-phobic.

Presented By: Tom Anderson,James Frei,Stephen Moore,Thomas Heller

Hardware Petting Zoo (In-Person Only)
We will display and describe current and older equipment supplied by PCC, as well as allow participants to actually plug, click and manipulate equipment. This session is an intro to hardware for the techno-phobic.

Presented By: Tom Anderson, James Frei, Stephen Moore, Thomas Heller

How To Assess Opportunities for Growing or Selling Your Practice
Do you have buyers knocking on your door? How do you know if selling is right for you? Should you hold on or sell out? There may be other options …

Presented By: Susanne Morgana Brennan, MBA

How to Automate Operational Functions for Your Practice
Learn how to use productivity suites such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, OpenOffice, or LibreOffice. Take your practice to the next level and save time by designing easy to set up automation for your practice’s operational functions.

Presented By: Suzanne Berman

How To Market Your Practice With No Time, Talent, or Money
20 years ago, patients still found their pediatricians through a combination of word-of-mouth and the Yellow Pages. Although parent-to-parent marketing is still vital, 2023 is about Google, review sites, and cell phones. How can you, a pediatrician with no time, money, or social media talent, connect with these new millennial parents?

Presented By: Chip Hart

ImmTrac Roundtable (In-Person Only)
An opportunity for Texas clients to discuss workflows that impact immunization submissions to ImmTrac.

Presented By: Romni Palmer

Leave Behind the Dark Side: Post Charges, Payments, Submit Claims, and More in PCC EHR!
Complete your daily billing tasks in PCC EHR! From checking eligibility to working with personal payments, to submitting claims and posting insurance payments, PCC EHR has tools that will empower your billing lifecycle. Leave behind the text-based darkness of yesterday and learn about PCC EHR’s latest features.

Presented By: Brian Kennedy

Messaging to Patients
Learn the proper usage and best practices for PCC’s various messaging tools. Get up to date with all the recent changes, tips and tricks from patient engagement support specialists, Scarlett Tomlinson and Sasha Pavlovic

Presented By: Sasha Pavlovic,Scarlett Tomlinson

Monitoring your Immunization Submissions
This course covers the basics of using the Immunization Registry Response Viewer to check on your practice’s submissions to the state registry.

Presented By: Romni Palmer

PCC Benefits A Case Study
The benefit package provided by a company to its employees reflects the culture of the organization and provides the employer with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the employer/employee relationship.

Presented By: Grace Kuzmin, Bill VanDeventer

PCC EHR Customizations & Workflow for Pediatric Medical Homes
Patient Centered Medical Home is not just a certificate, it’s actually a concept of care delivery. Learn from industry experts the most effective patient-facing workflows that affect your daily operations.

Presented By: Kate Taylor, Amanda Ciadella

PCC eRx Open Lab (In-Person Only)
New this year! Stop by our eRx-specific open lab for personalized answers to all your prescribing questions. Want help with your Favorites? Need a refresher on custom medications or other configuration options? Have an eRx bug you want squashed? Our eRx team is here to help.

Presented By: Morgan Ellixson Boyea, CPhT, CSPO

PCC Shortcuts For Faster Charting
This Advanced Beginner/Intermediate level workshop session reminds users how to configure snap text, auto-notes, Dx favorites, billing configuration, labs/orders, protocols, and tasking to reduce the time they spend charting. Bring your laptops for hands-on time at the end of the session.

Presented By: Sarah Bunning

Pre-Check-In Takes Flight!
Do you dream of greeting patients at the front desk with a just a smile, and NO paperwork? That’s the vision for a new feature in PCC development: Patient Pre-Check-In. In this session we will demonstrate the initial Pre-Check-In functionality and we will review designs for the remaining planned functionality. PCC will be seeking a few practices to pilot the feature and help us grow it to be ready for all practices. We will discuss the reality of what it means to pilot the first version, and we will provide opportunity for you to share your wishes for how this new feature should evolve to serve the needs of your practice and the patients and families you serve.

Presented By: Erica Greenwood, Amanda Smith

Preconference Morning Session
Live Stream the morning preconference sessions here!

Presented By: Nick Meunier, Tim Proctor, Morgan Ellixson Boyea, CPht, CSPO

Preconference: Introduction to Practice Vitals Dashboard
As a managing physician or practice administrator, have you ever wondered how your practice is performing with key clinical and financial indicators? This introductory session will provide an overview of PCC’s robust Dashboard reporting capabilities, focusing on measures that will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your practice.

Presented By: Tim Proctor

Preconference: PCC eRx 101: Prescribing Fundamentals
Are you brand new to prescribing with PCC eRx? Or simply want a review of the fundamentals? Join PCC’s Morgan Ellixson-Boyea, CPhT, CSPO for an in-depth tour of our prescribing software including dedicated time for questions. This course is designed for beginners, but anyone interested in learning more about PCC eRx is welcome to join us.

Presented By: Morgan Ellixson Boyea, CPhT, CSPO

Preconference: Tour of the EHR
This course begins with a run-through of appointment book, clinical workflows, where to find it, where to configure it, and what to do if you’re stumped. We will spend some time in protocols, scheduling templates, clinical alerts, and more.

Presented By: Nick Meunier

Proactively Manage Insurance A/R
In today’s challenging insurance environment, insurances are working overtime to limit reimbursement to providers. To get the most out of your contracted rates you first need to start with managing your insurance denials and the obstacles they throw your way in delaying payment. This session will touch on frequent denials, clearinghouse rejections, payer guidelines and so much more.

Presented By: Rebecca Lamb

Promoting a Vaccine Against Cancer: Increasing HPV Vaccination Rates in Your Practice
In the United States, high-risk HPV cause 3% of all cancers in women and 2% of all cancers in men. The HPV vaccine is extremely effective against preventing HPV related cancers yet only 54% of US teens are up to date on the vaccine and in many areas its as low as 30%. I will discuss how, through small yet effective interventions, Pelican Pediatrics increased our rates from 33% to 88% and how you can too.

Presented By: Eliza Varadi

Real Time Prescription Benefit Service: An Industry Perspective
Join PCC’s Dewey Howell, MD, PhD (the creator of PCC eRx!) for an in-depth review of an exciting change for PCC eRx: Real-Time Prescription Benefit Services. See a sneak peak of our upcoming changes and provide early feedback. Your input matters!

Presented By: Dewey Howell, MD, PhD

Reporting Drop-in Session (In-Person Only)
Join your peers and PCC’s reporting experts to discuss reporting needs at your practice in this part discussion, part workshop session. This is an opportunity to bring your reporting questions and challenges to peers and experts in a low-key, casual, and friendly environment.

Presented By: Tim Proctor, Jim Smith, Kate Taylor

Sailing Into The Wind: How To Survive In A Big Practice Market
How can a small, primary care practice survive in a health care market that appears to favor the larger groups? Learn how small practices can not only survive, but THRIVE, in big practice markets.

Presented By: Susan Kressly,Chip Hart

Sharing Clinical Records: DSM & CDE
This course will explore Direct Secure Messaging and Clinical Document Exchange, two solutions that allow your practice to share data more easily with third parties. Learn the difference between the solutions, how they complement each other, and how to onboard!

Presented By: Jennifer Marsala

Sweet Forms O’ Mine An Introduction to New PCC Forms
This introductory session will show you what it takes to convert to PCC’s new forms solution and the simple-to-use and powerful features that await you on the other side. Join PCC’s Forms development team as they walk you through creating new forms within the form configuration tool, highlighting how to insert variables, response prompts, headers, signatures, and much more.

Presented By: Dan Gillette

The Art of Delegation
In this session, Dr. Skinner will review the business case for delegation in the physician practice, uncover the typical roadblocks to delegation success, and share practical tips that help attendees improve their delegation skills in their offices.

Presented By: Katrina Skinner

The Next Generation Preparing Your Practice for a Long and Prosperous Future
Preparing to hand off a practice you’ve built is a daunting prospect. Taking over an existing practice is similarly daunting. In this course, you will learn how to prepare your practice to be handed off to the next generation. This course will cover structuring ownership and compensation to ease the transition as well as finding and preparing the right people to lead your practice into the future.

Presented By: Paul Vanchiere, MBA

The Pediatrician Experience: Participating in the AAP’s PROS Network Research
This session will provide background on PROS research, current projects, innovative approaches used with PCC, and will highlight the experience from the practitioner perspective of participating in PROS research

Presented By: Alexander Fiks

To the Right of Boom: What Happens After a Cyber-Security Incident Occurs
Learn about what happens after a cyber security incident occurs. Empower yourself by learning about post-event situational awareness and how to respond and recovery from a “boom”. We will review the 4 major actions every practice must take before a security incident is detected and after.

Presented By: Marissa Maldonado

Unstoppable. A Framework for Reaching Practice Goals.
In this session we will talk about how to align your entire team towards your practice goals to ensure they are met and celebrated by all. By the end of the session, participants should be able to define at least one practice goal and will have a framework that what will tell them exactly how to make sure that goal is accomplished not by them, but by their team.

Presented By: Emily Floyd

Using PCC Dashboard Data to Serve Your Community
Join us to hear how Dr. Seth Kaplan from TLC Pediatrics of Frisco, TX uses PCC’s Dashboard to make data-driven decisions for his practice. This session will provide an overview of PCC’s robust Dashboard reporting capabilities, focusing on financial and clinical measures that will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your practice.

Presented By: Tim Proctor,Seth Kaplan

Welcome & Morning Announcements Presented By: PCC
What Retirement Taught Me About Retirement Planning
Retirement planning is not something that can be left to be taken care of when one decide that it’s time to retire. Rather, it is something that should be started as soon as one begins that first job. Planning takes different forms and addresses different topics as one moves through the stages of a career, but each choice sets the stage for future ones. While this talk will briefly discuss financial issues usually associated with retirement planning, the focus will be more on understanding one’s identity as a physician, and how that will shape the choices one makes throughout that career, especially those which will impact the timing, process, risks and benefits associated with retirement.

Presented By: Jesse Hackell

What’s Changed with Implementations?
Your office has been on PCC EHR for 5 years or more and your implementation process was 5 years ago. How do we do implementations now? What are the configurations we setup for new clients which you may not be taking advantage of? Learn how current implementations may change how you use PCC EHR.

Presented By: Lynne Gratton

What’s Next for PCC eRx
Join PCC’s Morgan Ellixson-Boyea, CPhT, CSPO for a sneak peek into the next year of development for PCC eRx. In addition, you’ll hear about recent bug fixes and improvements, learn new tips & tricks, as well as cast your vote for future enhancements of PCC eRx! Session will also include open Q&A.

Presented By: Morgan Ellixson Boyea, CPhT, CSPO

What’s Past is Prologue
We’ll share how the original vision for PCC–40 years ago!–designed to emphasize long-term relationships and empower our clients, continues to guide the company vision for today and the future.

Presented By: Erin Auer

Which Interfaces are Right for Your Practice?
Discover which PCC integration options best address specific data sharing use-cases, and which might be a good fit for your practice.

Presented By: Scott Kirby

Why You Need Data and Getting the Data You Need
At the conclusion of this presentation, participants should be able to: illustrate how to turn a “word problem into a math problem” just like in middle school, identify appropriate sources of the data required to make an Evidence Based Practice Management Decision, construct a plan and collect the data required to make an important assessment of the practice.

Presented By: Chip Hart

Writing Playbooks That Are Awesome
Playbooks are important for every pediatric practice: they explain how you want your schedulers to do your appointments; they describe the dress code and attendance policies for your staff in your employee handbook; they lay out steps to take in the case of vaccine temperature excursion. How can you write procedures that are clear, relevant, up-to-date, and don’t suck?

Presented By: Suzanne Berman

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