UC 2020 Videos and Course Materials

Our first-ever virtual Users’ Conference took place as a series of online sessions over May and June 2020.

The sessions for UC 2020 touch on topics across the same wide spectrum you’ve come to expect from our in-person events. Our courses cover the basics around practice management, immunizations, and practice culture, but we will also be placing a unique focus on adaptability. With additional courses on telehealth, COVID-19 response, office security, and how you can become an integral role in your community, we hope you can leave our UC courses feeling empowered.

All sessions are recorded, and you can revisit them at any time by following the links below.

Course Descriptions, Slides, and Videos

Course Title Course Description Materials
Kickoff – COVID and Promoting Caring Communities PCC’s Chip Hart, Director of Pediatric Solutions will welcome you and kick off Virtual UC2020.
COVID – Telemedicine (PCC Tools, Best Practices) Join PCC’s Chip Hart for a timely exploration of how to leverage Telemedicine to keep your practice moving toward your clinical and financial goals.
Patient Portal Use in the Age of COVID-19 Telemedicine and digital communication are more important now than ever before. Learn how to optimize your practice’s and your patients’ use of this powerful tool. Presented by: Kate Taylor
Practice Culture The teamwork required to safely see your patients and staff through this public health emergency must be baked into your practice’s culture. Join Chip Hart to discover some considerations for leading your practice to the understanding that they are part of a team with a common goal. You’ll also learn tips for honestly assessing BOTH of your practice’s cultures; the culture you aspire to and the culture you actually have. Presented by: Chip Hart
Coding and Billing During COVID-19 Rapidly changing payer policies make it difficult to depend on getting paid for the unavoidable changes to your practice brought on by this public health emergency. Let’s look together at codes you can consider and questions you can address which will improve your chances of getting paid without spending precious time on claim appeals and follow up. Presented by: Jan Blanchard
Using PCC Tools to Connect to Your Data Safely and Securely PCC is committed to doing all that we can to protect your data. We offer a number of tools that give you convenient, secure access to your data. Join us to learn about connecting to your data remotely and securely with PCC tools such as SecureConnect, VPN, and RDP. Presented by: Lewis Holcroft
Immunization Management – Scanners, Imms Reg, Forecasting, Vaccine Lot Mgmt Now more than ever, it’s crucial that you know you have viable, available vaccine supply for the diseases you can protect your patients against. In this session we will explore the best ways to use PCC’s Immunization Management tools to safely and efficiently deliver and document all of your vaccine activity. Presented by: Jeremy Hill
Optimizing PCC EHR: Workflow and Configuration Improvements You Can Use Today Well-planned workflows give your clinicians and staff more time to focus on delivering high quality healthcare. This course highlights how to make use of PCC tools for maximum work efficiency and offers advice for how best to use them in your office. Presented by: Lauren Smith
A/R Collection Strategies Join PCC and PedsOne to ask any of your A/R Collection Strategy questions. Presented by: Jan Blanchard, Lynne Gratton, Heidi Chamberlin
Insurance Billing Workflows PCC’s Lynne Gratton, CPPM, will discuss PCC’s best practices for insurance billing. We’ll review new workflow options, including how to check eligibility and update policies quickly and easily in the EHR, post charges, submit claims, and verify submission. Along the way, you will learn tips and tricks to improve your day-to-day workflow. Presented by: Lynne Gratton
PCC June COVID-19 Release Be among the first to learn about the features that PCC will deliver to you next. This session is a training/overview of the PCC May/June COVID Release. You’ll learn how to do things like chat with your practice inside PCC EHR, use personalized Snap Text to automatically insert frequently used text, attach documents to future appointments and MORE! Presented by: Brian Kennedy
Recall Strategies Especially now, preventive care is crucial to the health of children and pediatric practices. How well is your practice doing at delivering this essential care in light of the Public Health Emergency? Learn how some practices are putting their resources to work now to get each and every patient in for those physicals, flu shots, and chronic care management. You’ll get best practices, samples, and more as part of this call to action. Presented by: Chip Hart
Get the Most Out of Your Relationship with Your Client Advocate Client Advocates are an integral piece of PCC’s support services. Engaging in regularly scheduled calls with your Client Advocate allows you to discuss immediate concerns, learn about the tools and services available to your office, and identify important items to work on and discuss over time. These check-ins foster a more personalized relationship between you and PCC by encouraging you to set aside time to work on small and big-picture projects. Come learn about the many ways your Client Advocate can help to improve your practice. Presented by: Jim Smith
What’s Next with PCC eRx? For details on all of the latest PCC eRx news and coming attractions, join PCC’s Morgan Ellixson-Boyea for this info-packed session. You’ll learn about lots of work that’s gone on under the hood in the last year and why it matters to you. Morgan will also outline upcoming features and share the benefits you’ll see in the next version of PCC eRx. Finally, you’ll discover Morgan’s expert recommendations for some known challenges for users and what can be done about them. Presented by: Morgan Ellixson-Boyea
Improve Your Practice Health with PCC’s Practice Vitals Dashboard Your PCC Practice Vitals Dashboard displays key metrics about your practice to keep you informed of its financial and clinical health. Join us for a tour of PCC’s Dashboard, including the new COVID-19 Dashboard designed to help you stay informed about the changing healthcare landscape and how it is impacting your practice. You’ll learn how to use the Dashboard to monitor various clinical and financial measures including well visit rates, immunization rates, screening rates, accounts receivable, revenue-per-visit, patient population trends and much more. Presented by: Tim Proctor
PCC Roadmap: What’s New? What’s new at PCC? New faces, new ideas, and new features and services! Join Scott Ploof for PCC’s year in review. You’ll learn about the best new tools and advancements in PCC software since last year’s UC, and you’ll also learn what’s been changing in the PCC community. Presented by: Scott Ploof
Roadmap – Look Ahead Join PCC’s Paula VanDeventer for a tour of PCC’s upcoming Roadmap: What we are developing for you right now, and our plans for the second half of 2020. We will talk about the ongoing integration of PCC EHR and Practice Management, new patient engagement opportunities through the patient portal and pocketPCC, the Report Library, the Dashboard, the Appointment Book and PCC eRx. We’ll also show new Interoperability features, continuing to expand on opportunities for delivering improved patient care. Presented by: Paula VanDeventer
The Transformation of Healthcare Through Artificial Intelligence The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is increasing, solving a variety of problems for patients and providers. Starting with a background and history of AI in healthcare and how the use of algorithms and software can approximate human cognition in the analysis of complex medical data and decision-making, the presentation will address AI’s ability for computer algorithms to approximate conclusions without direct human input. AI in healthcare represents a collection of technologies enabling machines to comprehend and learn so that they can perform administrative and clinical healthcare functions. The primary aim of health-related AI applications is to analyze relationships between prevention or treatment techniques and patient outcomes. The most obvious use of AI in healthcare is data management and its compatibility with our existing EHRs. Today, AI programs are designed and used in the diagnosis processes, treatment protocol, drug development, personalized medicine, and patient monitoring and care. Expectations are that AI will move into eliminating repetitive jobs and allowing for predictive automation. We will discuss the ethics and risks of machine involvement over traditional practices and consider how the market is responding to AI innovation. Presented by: Jeffery Daigrepont, Coker Group, Senior Vice President
Practice Oversight Reporting As a managing physician or practice administrator, have you ever wondered which reports you should be monitoring regularly to ensure the practice is operating successfully? This session will highlight PCC’s robust Dashboard and practice management reporting capabilities, focusing on reports that will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your practice. Discover the numbers that really matter and how to find and track the information you need most. Presented by: Tim Proctor
How to Implement Health and Human Services Recommended Cybersecurity Practices Protect Your Practice from Becoming a Victim of Cyber-Crime by implementing the recommended best practices as outlined by HHS. In this session, we will walk through each of the ten best practices and how you can apply this to your practice. The key takeaway will be to give you the tools to promote a safe environment which protects the integrity of your patients data. Presented by: Marissa Maldonado Coker Group, Senior Vice President, Specialized in Managed IT Services for Pediatric Groups
Setting Up Accounts Payables and Your General Ledger Many practices continue to rely on antiquated ways of processing their accounts payable. Find out “best practices” to organize and process the bills the practice needs to pay each month. This presentation will provide attendees with practical solutions to automate the bill-paying process and provide the proper general ledger structure to correctly monitor the financial position of your practice. Presented by: Paul D. Vanchiere, MBA
Telehealth/Telemedicine Services Strange World Today, Isn’t It??? Pediatric coding expert Donelle Holle, RN is back! She will talk to you all about pediatric CPT and ICD-10 coding for Telemedicine/Telehealth. You’ll gain a better understanding of the documentation that is needed for each. Donelle will also field your questions, so come prepared to ask and be ready to update your knowledge on coding for Pediatrics. You might just leave giggling, too. Presented by: Donelle Holle, RN
Marketing playbook for practices that will thrive in 2020 With the proliferation of urgent cares, after-hours clinics, retail clinics and telemedicine, it is vital that we compete and position our practices as the go-to place for the children in our community. In order to do this, we have to let go of the traditional methods of marketing and embrace newer, innovative yet simple techniques. Presented by: Nneka Unachukwu, MD
Social Determinants of Health: Screen but then what? In this session we will discuss the newly realized importance of social determinants of health (SDoH), including adverse Childhood Experiences, to child well-being and long term health and mental health of both parents and children. SDoH screening is now recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics but leaves many clinicians floundering for what to do when the screen is positive. In this session we will describe a variety of SDoH screening tools, and novel functionality to assist clinicians with words for discussion, resources, individualized post-visit messaging, connection to local relevant referral sources and follow up tracking. Documenting the SDoH for your patients can assist in negotiation with insurers based on risk. The session will also describe how physicians can earn Maintenance of Certification Part 4 Quality in Practice credits for improving the use of SDoH screening without requiring chart review. Presented by: Barbara Howard, MD
Getting Started with Clinical Document Exchange (CDE) Having instant access to important patient clinical data is more important than ever. With CDE Responder, other healthcare organizations can have instant access your patients’ clinical data, such as major diagnoses and drug allergies, that is especially important in an urgent care situation. This course will take you through an overview of Clinical Document Exchange (CDE), the required training, and steps for getting started. Following this course you will have the opportunity to be one of the first practices enabled with this new functionality. Presented by: Dan Gilette, Sasha Pavlovic, Scott Kirby
Develop Your Practice’s Strategic Plan Strategic planning is the very thing that gives practices security and direction in challenging times such as these. An agreed upon, specifically designed *and stated* higher purpose is one of the keys to maintaining high performance. Join PedsOne’s Tim Rushford at this pragmatic session which includes the specific steps of developing a strategic plan for your practice. Presented by: Tim Rushford, Owner of PedsOne
Improving Asthma Management for Quality and your Bottom Line Let’s re-visit how we can manage asthma to improve patient access and office efficiency. Coordinating an in-house asthma management program can improve the quality of care delivered to your patients, improve the satisfaction of patients, staff and providers; improve asthma management benchmarks while also increasing your revenue. Come and join us to learn more! Presented by: Jeanne Marconi, M.D.
Safe Return to Normal Roundtable In response to attendee requests, we have added this crowdsourcing opportunity. Bring your ideas and questions about safely returning to seeing patients in your physical office. How do you manage patient flow? Which visit types are telemedicine only? Join us for a big Zoom meeting where you have a chance to share and hear about solutions your colleagues have developed to protect kids and families as we all create the new definition of “normal”.Presented by: Lynne Gratton, CPPM
Pediatric Hypertension Management Pediatricians are doing better screening for mental health and obesity, but are you reaching your blood pressure measurement goals? Does your practice have the tools needed for proper diagnosis of hypertension? Join Suzanne Berman, MD, FAAP for this discussion of the clinical and practice management considerations of identifying and treating pediatric hypertension. Topics will include the 2017 guidelines, ambulatory monitoring, and cost benefit analysis of purchasing and lending equipment. Presented by: Suzanne Berman, M.D.
How To Add New Lines of Service To your Pediatric Practice Looking to expand your practice to include lactation, behavioral health, telemedicine, patient education programs and other valuable services? Susanne will walk you through how to evaluate your options and develop plans for implementing and marketing your new services. Presented by: Susanne Madden, MBA, CEO The Verden Group Inc
Mentoring and Networking across the Miles during the Covid Pandemic In this course, two physicians discuss networking and mentoring across the miles in the age of social distancing. There is currently a need for younger physicians, physicians leaving groups to open independent practices, and physicians stepping up to assume more responsibility in a practice to have a mentor. The need isn’t limited to physicians. Practice managers and support staff also need mentors. Often, there is no one local to act in this capacity. Two physicians, in different locations, at different career stages, in different practice settings, will discuss what they have learned from each other, and how they actually have quite a bit in common, despite these differences. And, because of these differences, they have “enlightened” each other. The mentor-mentee relationship actually goes both ways. The Covid Pandemic has shown that distance is no longer an obstacle. We may be physically distanced, but we can be professionally and socially cohesive. In the end, we hope to empower other PCC clients to establish mentor-mentee relationships with other PCC clients. Together, we are stronger. Presented by: Robin Warner, M.D. and Katie Schafer, D.O.
E&M Changes in 2021 Join Shannon DeConda for a discussion about the proposed changes to E&M services slated to take effect in January 2021. Shannon will review the E&M changes, related documentation requirements, and how these services will be billed if the proposed changes are implemented. She will also outline potential impacts to reimbursement models. Presented by: Shannon O. DeConda, CPC, CEMC, CEMA, CPMA, CRTT
Managing Through Change Managing employees effectively is always challenging. It is more so now, when needs and expectations of patients and employees are changing rapidly; and when new laws are being passed by state and federal officials. This interactive seminar will provide some critical basic tips on policies, communication, application of new laws, and on other burning questions you may have about managing effectively in the “new normal.” Presented by: Kerin E. Stackpole, Esq., SPHR
Front Desk Best Practices PCC’s Lynne Gratton, CPPM, explores front desk best practices related to scheduling, check-in, insurance verification and copay collection. Understand the importance of the front desk when it comes to your practice’s workflow and collection process. Presented by: Lynne Gratton, CPPM
C.A.R.E.: The Building Blocks of Exceptional Customer Service Join us for an enlightening exploration of customer service in the changing healthcare landscape. In this session, Brandon Betancourt, MBA will share with us his recommendations for keeping patients and their needs at the center of all that we do. Brandon offers specific ways to align your compassion with your actions to help attract and retain patients by delivering care the they are looking for. Presented by: Brandon Betancourt, MBA
Close to Home: How One Pediatrician Manages and Leverages Practicing in Her Hometown In this session Dr. Katrina Skinner will share her experience in her hometown during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Topics include the pros and cons of practicing medicine where she grew up, while providing insight about what it means to leverage the hometown advantage to advocate for children a crisis. Presented by: Katrina Skinner, M.D.
Building High-Performance Teams Your practice relies on everyone working as a team to succeed. But, what does working as a team look like? How can you tell if you are performing well? How does your team get better? In this talk, we will review the characteristics of high performing teams, talk about the journey that teams take from their initial formation through achieving high performance, and introduce a technique you can introduce in your practice to drive continuous improvement and increased satisfaction for your team. Presented by: Alex Meyer
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