UC 2022 Videos and Course Materials

In 2022, PCC’s Users’ Conference returned to Burlington, Vermont. Our theme this year was Resilience and Rejuvenation! We recognize that you are in pediatrics because of your patients and their families. We want to honor that and help you make your practice a place that supports them through every phase of their journey with you.

Over 500 attendees participated both online and in-person in 46 courses, sessions, and round tables on issues of importance to pediatric practices.

Sessions were recorded, and where possible we’ve made them available on a PCC UC 2022 playlist, and using the links below. Attendees can access course and video information on the PCC UC 2022 app, which will be available for one year following the conference.

Learn more on PCC.com’s UC2022 wrap-up page.

Course Descriptions, Slides, and Videos

Course Title Course Description Materials
2022 Coding Updates
Join PCC’s Jan Blanchard for a review of the ICD and CPT changes in play this year. She’s not Donelle Holle, but she’s still awesome!

Presented By: Jan Blanchard

5 Security Policy Tips to Implement for a More Secure Practice
Learn what and how to implement 5 Security Policies today for your practice that will help ensure you are staying up to date with the evolving Cyber Security Landscape.

Presented By: Marissa Maldonado

Join Alex Fiks of the AAP’s Pediatric Research in Office Settings (PROS) group to learn about PROS past, present, and future. He’ll highlight recent studies that PCC clients have collaborated on and preview some upcoming study opportunities.

Presented By: Alexander Fiks

Allow Me to Introduce Myself: Professional Bios in 500 Words or Less
This workshop will cover the basics of what constitutes a great professional bio for websites, speaking events, professional networking, and more. Attendees will workshop their bios and compare with partners for half the session.

Presented By: Allie Squires

Ask Chip
Practices can bring their questions to the session to have them answered live by Chip with helpful input from the audience.

Presented By: Chip Hart

Best Payment Processes: A Review Into Payment Workflows, Credit Card on File and PCI Compliance
How are you taking payments now? Are you employing the best payment processes for your practice? It’s a good idea to review your payment processes and ensure they grow along with you. There are various factors that can require a reassessment of these workflows, including security changes to reduce PCI scope, technology advancements and environmental obstacles, to name a few. We’ll provide examples of what other practices are doing and explain why they work. Payment acceptance methods PCC clients use include combinations of patient portal integration, hosted payment pages, virtual terminals and physical terminals. Like a lot of things, payment processes is not “one size fits all.” Seeing the ways other practices combine these methods in their offices will be useful in assessing the payment workflow of your own practice.

Presented By: James & Sarah Estes

Billing and Payment Workflows (Post 9.4 release)
This session will explore all the ways Billing and Collection tools may be accessed through PCC EHR.

Presented By: Ben Brandt

Billing Workflow Roundtable (in-person only)
Come hear about the tips and tricks your colleagues employ to make PCC work for them. We’ll explore shortcuts, pro tips, and words to the wise that will help you work smarter.

Presented By: Jan Blanchard

Budgeting For Pediatric Practices
Bring together all the financial data points to plan your future! Join Paulie Vanchiere from PMI as he walks you through the steps to create a budget for your practice. Leveraging practical experience, participants will learn what they need to know to properly plan your financial future.

Presented By: Paul Vanchiere

Clinical Oversight Reporting
As a managing physician or practice administrator, have you ever wondered which clinical reports you should be monitoring regularly to ensure the practice is operating successfully? This session will highlight PCC’s robust reporting capabilities, with a focus on clinical oversight reporting. You will learn how to report on clinical operations related to vaccine inventory, orders, and prescription activity. Discover how to use PCC’s Report Library for preventive and chronic care recall. We will also delve into high-level strategic reporting of clinical measures within PCC’s Dashboard including vaccine rates, well visit rates, screening rates, and more. Discover the numbers that really matter to your practice’s clinical health and how to find and track the information you need most.

Presented By: Tim Proctor

Compliance -You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
Did you know as a Provider every time you credential with Medicaid or Medicaid HMO’s you are attesting that you have an effective Compliance Program? Yes, really. Do Your Practice Policies Meet Federal & State Regulations? Is Your Practice following OIG Guidelines? Are you familiar with Sec 1866? Did you Choose a Qualified Compliance Officer? Is Your Compliance Program Effective? Is Your Practice Utilizing Competencies Effectively? -Attendees will learn best practice risk assessment methodologies, how to define an audit scope, when to perform audits, what to look for, how to document and next steps when hazards or vulnerabilities are discovered.

Presented By: Michelle Richards

Creating Efficiencies within E&M Guidelines
In 2021 we focused on the newness of the guidelines, this year let’s focus on getting the guidelines right!

Presented By: Shannon Deconda

Delivering on Your Practice Culture
Are you running a practice where personal responsibility isn’t baked in? Do people leave shifts early? Do they wait for someone to tell them what to do? Are messes left for someone else (you!) to clean? Do your patients miss a lot of appointments? Is your clinical performance disappointing? How can you lead your practice to understand that they are part of a team with a common goal. You’ll also learn tips for honestly assessing BOTH of your practice’s cultures; the culture you aspire to and the culture you actually have.

Presented By: Chip Hart

Expanding Your Practice
This talk will focus on how to expand your practice and will address such topics as adding services to your existing location, opening an additional location, adding providers and/or partners, exploring and assessing joint ventures (with hospitals and other 3rd parties), and so on.

Presented By: Susanne Morgana Madden, MBA,Paul Vanchiere

Financial Oversight Reporting
As a managing physician or practice administrator, have you ever wondered which financial reports you should be monitoring regularly to ensure the practice is operating successfully? This session will highlight PCC’s robust reporting capabilities, with a focus on billing oversight and productivity reporting. You will learn how to do a pricing and payment analysis, and develop an understanding of high-level strategic reporting of financial measures within PCC’s Dashboard product. Discover the numbers that really matter to your practice’s financial health and how to find and track the information you need most.

Presented By: Tim Proctor

Forms with Benefits
Find out how PCC’s new forms solution can help you get more out of patient form letters. In the new way of doing things, your current forms get an upgrade and you can create new templates from scratch. Discover the benefits of switching up how you do forms, what it takes to convert to the new solution, and the simple, powerful tools that await you on the other side.

Presented By: Bastien Gliech,Dan Gillette,Kayla Robinson

Front Desk Best Practices
Explore front desk best practices related to scheduling, check-in, insurance verification and copay collection and what has changed as offices work within the pandemic. Understand the importance of the front desk when it comes to your practice’s workflow and collection process.

Presented By: Lynne Gratton

Get the most out of the CHADIS and PCC EHR integration
This session will offer practical insights, peer-tested ideas, and tips for getting the best return on your CHADIS integration. Some of the topics we’ll cover include: improving your patient portal usage rates, following up on outstanding questionnaires, modifying your CHADIS screening assignments, and many more. Bring your questions and ideas to this session. This course is primarily intended for existing users of the CHADIS-PCC integration, but the tips and tricks in this session will be beneficial to clients who are in the process of integration, or who would like to get started.

Presented By: Sasha Pavlovic

Healthcare Engagement and Experience
In 2022 and beyond, primary care must continue to adapt to Gen Y and Gen Z parents.This talk explores the ways in which healthcare professionals can connect and engage with patients/families.

Presented By: Todd Wolynn

How Much Should I Pay An Employed Clinician?
Hiring a new physician or nurse practitioner and wondering not only what you should pay, but what you can AFFORD to pay? This simple exercise will walk you through determining the maximum salary of your employed clinicians and review the non-salary drivers that motivate clinicians.

Presented By: Alex Meyer, MBA

How not to be a BWitch
Exploration of professional interactions among women, the negative impacts of the Queen Bee Syndrome, and how changes can be made for women to help uplift each other.

Presented By: Hiral Lavania

How the COVID Pandemic Permanently Changed How We Practice
Since the onset of COVID pediatric practices have had to change how we practice. Initially these changes seemed temporary but after 18 months many of the changes have actually improved many of our workflows and will likely stay. Some of the changes include or are related to : telemedicine, remote check-in, vaccine clinics, waiting rooms as well as addressing social and economic issues.

Presented By: Eliza Varadi

How To Effectively and Profitably Add Behavioral Health Services To Your Practice
This talk will focus on how to incorporate Behavioral Health services into your practice from a ‘line of service’ perspective: Who do you hire? What services do you offer? Do you outsource? How do you promote to patients? How can you ensure its profitable?

Presented By: Susanne Morgana Madden, MBA,Amanda Ciadella

How To Give Vaccines Without Giving Away The Farm
Do you know how much it really costs to administer vaccines? Are you properly billing for your vaccines? Learn how to measure your real product and administrative costs and discover practices ways to improve your delivery efficiency. Special appearance by Dr. Christoph Diasio to discuss vaccinating adults in the pediatric medical home.

Presented By: Christoph Diasio,Chip Hart

How To Maximize Your Preventive Care Clinical and Financial Workflow
We will discuss how to use different reports and PCC Dashboard information to maximize your well check recalls and minimize outstanding balances.

Presented By: Jim Leahy,Hiral Lavania

How to Organize and Run a Successful Drive-Thru Vaccination Clinic
Since the onset of the pandemic – we have turned our annual fluclinics into a drivethru – we have been able to perfect the technique – vaccinating 3 times the number of people while being socially distanced in their car. Once COVID vaccines rolled out we added those to our drivethru. Our last drivethrus included flu vaccines and COVID vaccines without any confusion and easy documentation. I would like to present the logistics and organization of the drivethru clinic

Presented By: Eliza Varadi

Humor in Medicine
You don’t need to be a shoulder specialist to find humor in medicine. Jim Smith’s comedic routine will teach how incorporating humor and levity into your practice can help you connect with and provide better care for your patients.

Presented By: Jim Smith

Impact Beyond The Exam Room
At the end of this presentation, attendees will understand that they can have impact beyond the exam room. They will also discover the different ways they can accomplish this.

Presented By: Dr. Unachukwu

Impact of COVID on Preventive Care
2020 was the first time in decades of measurement that most pediatric clinical benchmarks declined – well visit coverage, depression screening, even vaccines. What does the data tell us about the impact of COVID on the services pediatricians provided in 2020 and what should we be doing about it?

Presented By: Chip Hart

LIVE Pediatric Billing Drop In
Come meet all of your Pediatric Billing peers at this live, in person event modeled on our monthly virtual get togethers. No one knows your work like billing experts! Who better to offer solutions, time savers, shortcuts, tools, and resources than your fellow peers who are also using PCC? This is an opportunity to bring your questions and challenges to peers and experts in a low-key, casual, and friendly environment.

Presented By: Jan Blanchard,Douglas Brosseau

Oversight Reporting Workshop (in-person only)
Take what you’ve learned in the Financial and Clinical Oversight Reporting courses and start to put it into place in your practice. Bring your laptop, log into your system, and start working with your reports and your data today!

Presented By: Tim Proctor

Patient Recall Strategies
You know you have patients you haven’t seen in a while. How do you get them back in the office so they get the care they need? PCC’s Jim Smith will review recall strategies to bring your overdue patients back.

Presented By: Jim Smith

Preventive Care vs Sick Visit and Combo Care
Sometimes it’s not just a well child visit, and sometimes it’s not just a sick visit. The key is ensuring proper documentation to bill appropriately for services rendered.

Presented By: Shannon Deconda

Promoting Child Health Through Advocacy
Pediatricians are natural advocates and using these skills to advance and promote child health is impactful. This talk will review why advocacy is important, how to hone and develop those skills, as well as provide AAP examples of successful advocacy efforts.

Presented By: Sandy Chung

Refugee and Migrant Health and Your Pediatric Medical Home
The United States is seeing increases in the numbers of children and unaccompanied youth fleeing violence from countries in Central America, Haiti, and Afghanistan. This session will examine what these new populations of children mean to your community as well as highlight pediatric practices that are developing the capacity to care for these children.

Presented By: Colleen Kraft

Should You Run?
More women are needed to hold public office. Is it in your future? Hear from one female pediatrician who ran–and won!

Presented By: Katie Schafer

The Changing Nature of Malpractice Suits in Pediatrics
While the allegations of negligence in care have not changed much, the tactics and focus of plaintiff’s attorneys have evolved in concert with the changes in technology and documentation. This session will review several cases where the outcome depended not just on what the physician did or did not do, but on the technical processes of management and documentation.

Presented By: Jesse Hackell

The Five Biggest Mistakes Pediatricians Make
The 5 Biggest Business Mistakes Pediatricians Make Why do good independent pediatricians fail? Failure is an opportunity to reassess and learn from mistakes. While you’re good at your profession, it’s not enough to simply be a good pediatrician anymore. You also need to understand and excel at the business of pediatrics to make an independent practice truly thrive. It’s easy to develop habits over time that allow you to just get by, but not excel in your practice. With a few simple changes, you can improve your business, delight your patients, and create a better workplace culture. Take the opportunity of mistakes to make your practice stronger and more agile than ever.

Presented By: Chip Hart

The Magic of Tidying Up: Pediatric Executive Edit
Pediatricians frequently work in silos where their perfectionism and inability to say no leads to burnout and exhaustion. Many pediatricians have not cultivated their superpower of delegation or learned the art of automation to create more time for things that bring them joy. A pediatrician’s health, well-being, and personal development are crucial to the sustainability of their practice. In this thought-provoking and highly-motivating session, attendees will apply the principles of a popular decluttering movement to create more calendar space so they will have the emotional, mental, and physical bandwidth to care for their patients, families, and communities.

Presented By: Katrina Skinner

The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) For Children With Special Healthcare Needs
It’s not a building! Family/Youth Leaders have an important role to play in a patient centered medical home. Learn what makes a medical practice a medical home, about the certification process and how family/youth leaders are integral to its success.

Presented By: Jan Blanchard,Amanda Ciadella

Time Tested Protocols for Personal Billing
Accounts receivable management is a constant battle for pediatricians. As the financial burden of healthcare shifts further towards the patient in the form of higher deductibles and copays, providers who have reliable and effective Personal Billing protocols will maintain a healthy cash flow and maximum revenue. This session will outline proven processes for efficient and effective Personal AR management. Target areas will include collections, front desk coordination, handling patient questions, managing aging balances.

Presented By: Rebecca Lamb

Update on the 21st Century Cures Act and Data Segmentation
Discussion of progress made and pitfalls encountered in the process of learning how to segment data in the EHR to assure access to critical health information while also preserving confidentiality. Exploration of steps the pediatric provider should be prepared to take in view of our unique obligation to both children and their parents.

Presented By: Jesse Hackell

Welcome Session (Wed) and “Don’t Stop Believin’!” Presented By: PCC
Welcome and Morning Announcements (Thu) Presented By: PCC
Welcome and Morning Announcements (Fri) Presented By: PCC
What’s New?
We’ve released a ton of software in the last year. Come learn about all the new things at PCC since our virtual UC in 2021!

Presented By: Scott Ploof

What’s Next for PCC eRx
Join PCC’s Morgan Ellixson-Boyea, CPhT, CSPO for a sneak peek into the next year of development for PCC eRx. In addition, you’ll hear about recent bug fixes and improvements, learn new tips & tricks, as well as cast your vote for future enhancements of PCC eRx! Session will also include open Q&A.

Presented By: Morgan Ellixson Boyea

What’s Next?
During this session the PCC roadmap will be presented. The session will also include PCC’s planned release schedule.

Presented By: Megan Maddocks

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