Review and Sign Chart Notes, Orders and Documents

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  • Sign Orders

    You can mark any order, such as a lab or medical procedure, to indicate that a signature is required. You may do this for actual signing purposes, or simply to indicate that a clinician needs to review some aspect of the order.
  • Sign Phone Notes

    You can mark any phone note to indicate that it needs signing. Select the provider from the Phone Note screen.
  • Signing Documents

    You can mark any document to indicate that it need review and signing. Select the clinician from the Import Documents screen or the Edit Tags window.
  • Sign Visit Chart Notes

    Many providers signal that they are finished with a chart by "signing" their work. You can sign a chart note by clicking the "Sign" button at the bottom of the chart note screen.
  • Co-Sign Visit Chart Notes

    If your office uses co-signing, an optional feature in PCC EHR, then some clinicians may require another physician to co-sign their visit chart notes.
  • Sign Notes, Visits, and Documents in pocketPCC

    PocketPCC includes the option to sign visits, phone notes, and documents, so you can complete your signing tasks conveniently, from anywhere. Sign in to PocketPCC from your phone or other mobile device. If your PCC EHR user account has permission to sign, even with a co-signer, you’ll have the option to sign under pocketPCC’s menu. […]