Create and Complete Procedures, Referrals, Labs, and Other Orders

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  • Order a Lab, Procedure, Supply, or Other Order

    As you review a chart note or create a phone note, you may need to order a referral, a nebulizer treatment, a lab, or another action for the patient. The procedure below shows how to create orders.
  • Orders Overview (Labs, Procedures, Supplies, Immunizations)

    While you work with a patient, you can order labs, injections, supplies, or medical procedures. Select the appropriate items in the patient's chart note and click "Order". Then click "Edit" to enter details or modify tasks for that order. Later, any nurse or provider can complete the tasks and enter results, either from the Schedule queue, the Visit Tasks queue, or from within the chart.

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  • Partner Practice Management Lab Module

    Partner's Lab program can help your office manage their labs and fulfill some clerical aspects of the CLIA regulations.
  • Fulfill Orders and Complete Tasks

    The sections below explain how to fulfill orders in PCC EHR. Orders include labs, immunizations, referrals, screenings, radiology, and medical procedures.
  • Import E-lab Test Results

    Your hospital or a 3rd-party lab vendor such as LabCorp or Orchard Trellis can send lab test results directly to PCC EHR. An integration agreement is required. Contact PCC Support to learn about your options.
  • Review and Revise Orders and Lab Results

    You may need to review complete lab results, print them out with all details, or even remove an order that was recorded in a patient's record by mistake. Read the sections below to learn all the options for reviewing lab and order information.
  • Manage Immunization Lots and Vaccine Inventory

    In PCC EHR, you can manage immunization lots, track and adjust lot amounts, and use reports to manage your vaccine inventory.
  • Look Up ICD-10 Codes For Referrals, DME Requisitions, and Pre-Authorizations

    When you are filling out a lab requisition, referral, or a request for DME, you may need the ICD-10 codes for a patient’s diagnoses. In PCC EHR, you can quickly review ICD-10 codes for patient diagnoses and Problem List items on the Diagnosis flowsheet. First, open a patient’s chart and navigate to the Flowsheets section […]
  • Generate Outbound Lab and Radiology Requisitions within PCC EHR

    After ordering labs or x-rays during a visit, you can easily generate requisitions with the patient demographic, insurance, diagnostic, and testing information that the lab or radiologist needs. Configure In-Office Lab Orders and Facilities In-office lab facilities and orders are automatically excluded from outbound lab requisitions in PCC EHR. You can configure in-office lab facilities […]
  • Review, Order, and Administer Immunizations

    Use PCC EHR to track, review, order, and administer immunizations in PCC EHR. The procedure below will ensure smooth administration of immunizations for you, your staff, and your patients. Review Immunizations A patient’s immunization history is available in two places- within the visit itself under the Immunization Component in the visit protocol, and in Visit […]