Correct Mistakes

The Correct Mistakes (oops) program is a powerful account history editor. You can use oops to fix charge and payment errors, relink payments to specific charges, change the responsible party for a charge, and alter visit information (such as diagnoses or prior authorization numbers). After you make changes, you can resubmit claims.

In addition, oops is a detailed, interactive charge history. You can use oops to research the complete billing and payment history for each visit on an account.

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  • The oops Charge History Screen

    The main screen in oops shows a history of account transactions. The most recent transactions appear at the top. Charges are grouped by date of service. Claim submission history, billing messages, and payments all appear beneath the charges to which they are linked. Every item has a line number for quick selection.
  • Run Correct Mistakes (oops)

    You can run oops as a stand-alone program from your Partner Windows, by typing oops at a command prompt, or by jumping to it from another Partner program.

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  • End Another oops Session

    The Correct Mistakes (oops) program is a powerful account history editor, so only one person can use it to edit the same account at a time. Sometimes, you may need to close another user's oops screen for a particular account, perhaps because a user closed their screen without quitting. In Partner 4.7, when you run oops for a family that is already being edited, you have the option to close the other user's screen.
  • Relink a Payment

    If you post a payment and later discover the procedure or payment was a mistake, you may need to "relink" the payment to different procedure.
  • Visit Status Screen: Edit Diagnoses, Billing Provider, and Other Visit and Claim Information

    Use the Visit Status screens (also called the "Changing Visit Information" screens) in oops to change diagnoses, billing provider, and other important visit information that appears on an insurance claim.
  • Review Electronic Claim Responses in oops

    When Partner receives an electronic claim response from the insurance payor or the claim clearinghouse, a one-line message is added to oops. Here are two examples:
  • Insurance Status Screen: Review and Change the Responsible Party and Copay for a Charge

    The Changing Insurance Information screen in Correct Mistakes (oops) allows you to change the responsible payor for any charge and change the portion of the charge that is the copay.
  • Visit Notes in Correct Mistakes (oops)

    You can add and review visit notes in Correct Mistakes (). A visit note is a text note for a specific patient, on a specific encounter date. The note is attached to all charges for the patient on that day. You can use visit notes to record billing details or other information related to an […]
  • OopsExamples
    • Change (or add missing) Diagnoses, Hospital, or Other Claim Information

      If you need to update the diagnosis, hospital, or other visit information for a visit, follow the procedure below. Remember that you will also need to rebatch (or reprint) the insurance claim when you are finished.
    • Change the Responsible Party for Charges

      If you post a visit before your practice has entered the new insurance card information on an account, you will need to use oops to update the responsible party for the charges and then rebatch a claim.
    • Assign a Billing Provider in oops

      You may need to assign a billing provider to a charge or a visit after it has been posted. You can change the billing provider for a previously-posted charge on the Visit Status screen in the Correct Mistakes (oops) program.
    • Review a Printed Bill in oops

      You can view a digital copy of a personal bill in the Correct Mistakes (oops) program.