Change (or add missing) Diagnoses, Hospital, or Other Claim Information

If you need to update the diagnosis, hospital, or other visit information for a visit, follow the procedure below. Remember that you will also need to rebatch (or reprint) the insurance claim when you are finished.

Run oops for the Account


F5 – Visit Status

Select all Visit Charges

Enter the item numbers of those procedures that appeared on the rejected claim. You can also use the function keys on the screen to select charges by claim ID or by visit date.

Make Diagnoses Changes

On the Visit Status screen, change the diagnoses for the relevant procedures.

Press Page Down to View the Second Page of the Visit Status Screens

Enter Hospital or Other Claim Information

Add the admission and discharge dates in the hospital visit fields. If necessary, enter a resubmission authorization number as well.

Press F1Save Changes.

Rebatch or Print the Insurance Claim

Back on the main oops screen, press F2Generate Claim and select the charges that need to be resubmitted.

  • Last modified: April 15, 2016