Get Started in Partner

The topics below will teach you how to log in to Partner and navigate among Partner programs. You will also learn some of the basic tools and features that apply to most Partner programs, like the Find Routines and the Function Keys.

You can watch PCC training videos to learn Partner basics.

Training Videos

  • Get Started with Practice Management (Partner)

    7 minutes • 2019
    Some advanced billing and "under-the-hood" functions are found the Practice Management window in PCC EHR. Watch this video to learn how to get around and perform operations in Practice Management.

Learn More

  • Open and Use Practice Management (Partner) Tools in PCC EHR

    Use the Practice Management window in PCC EHR to access various under-the-hood billing features and services in PCC’s Partner practice management suite. How to Open a Practice Management Window After permission is granted to a user role in the User Administration tool (see below), your PCC EHR users can use the Practice Management icon to […]