Advanced Billing Functions and Configuration

Before PCC EHR, PCC developed and maintained the Partner practice management suite of tools for pediatric scheduling, billing, and other functions.

PCC EHR has replaced Partner, except for some remaining advanced billing tasks and some under-the-hood configuration for your practice.

If you are a biller or your practice's PCC "super user", you can use the articles and videos in these sections to learn how to use the "Practice Management" windows in PCC EHR to meet these needs.

If you would like documentation for deprecated software, such as our previous scheduler (SAM) or the Family and Patient Editors (fame, notjane), it is available upon request.

Training Videos

  • Open and Use the Practice Management (Partner) Window

    7 minutes • 2019
    Some advanced billing and "under-the-hood" functions are found the Practice Management window in PCC EHR. Watch this video to learn how to get around and perform operations in Practice Management.

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