Generate Reports in Practice Management

You can use the Report Library in PCC EHR for most reporting needs. The Practice Management system, Partner, includes many additional reports, including powerful, customizable financial analysis reports. Check out the articles below to learn more.

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  • Run Practice Management SRS Reports

    7 minutes • 2014
    Watch this video to learn about Partner's SRS report engine. You'll learn how to open SRS, find reports, adjust criteria, and export results for use in a spreadsheet.

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  • Run Reports in Practice Management (Partner)

    PCC's Practice Management tool, Partner, includes a variety of specialized, customizable reports for billing and financial analysis. Partner's accurate and diverse reporting capabilities can help you with time management, inventory planning, insurance contract negotiations, and financial planning.
  • SRS: Partner’s Report Engine

    The Smart Report Suite (srs) is a report library in Partner. srs contains dozens of powerful reports, all with a consistent interface. If you learn to run one srs report, you will have learned to run them all.
  • Demographic, Clinical, and Configuration Reports in Practice Management

    Partner includes a wide range of reports as well as a report generator for creating custom reports.
  • Export Partner SRS Results to a Spreadsheet

    You or your practice's accountant may use financial data from Partner to analyze profits and make policy decisions for the future of your practice. You may wish to export those reports to another program, such as a spreadsheet, in order to make graphs or combine the numbers with other information.
  • ARRA Report

    The ARRA report calculates Medicaid plan utilization at your practice. You can use it to see the percentage of patient visits that are medicaid or medicaid eligible, broken out by physician. This report is designed to help your office determine if you may qualify for the ARRA incentive program. You can run the report from a command prompt or from a custom Partner window location.
  • Financial Reports in Practice Management

    The Practice Management (Partner) tool in PCC EHR includes a wide array of financial reports. While many of these functions have been replaced with PCC EHR tools with modern interfaces, there are still many powerful, customizable reports that can help you track charges and payments and report on your practice's overall financial health.