Configure PM Tools

Read the help articles in this section to learn about configuring tools in your Practice Management windows.

Get Started

  • Edit Your Practice’s Tables

    Tables are lists of items your system reuses between Partner programs as well as PCC EHR. Partner's tables include your practice's list of insurance policies, your practice's physicians, visit reasons, abbreviations, procedures, diagnoses and others.
  • Edit Your Practice’s Procedures, Codes, Adjustments, and Prices

    When you need to add a new CPT code to your PCC system, create a new version of a code that includes modifiers, or adjust your practice's prices for procedures, use the Table Editor found in PCC's under-the-hood Practice Management window.

Learn More

  • Choose Your Practice Management Printer

    Your office may have a front-desk printer for receipts, a chart room printer for encounter forms, and a back office printer for everything else. When you log in, you may have printer needs that are particular for you, or particular for where you are working today.
  • Edit HCFA Form Output (hedfe)

    The hedfe program is a HCFA/CMS 1500 form editor. It can configure both the layout and the content of claim forms. You can use the program to move form data around or change how it is filled out. Simple errors on claim forms can delay payment and cost your practice both time and money. Therefore it is important to understand how Partner fills out HCFA forms and how to make changes to your forms when necessary.
  • Configure Contract Fee Schedules (allowables)

    PCC can track your contract fee schedules, also known as "allowables", in the Contract Fee Schedule Editor (allowedit). You can create and manage multiple contract rates, make changes to expected fees that will occur after a specific date, and assign the completed contract fee schedules to specific insurance plans. The Post Insurance Payments (pip) program will then display the contracted fee or “Allowed” amount when posting payments for charges pending those insurance plans.
  • The Partner snomedmap Report

    The Partner snomedmap program is a set of custom reports that you can use to understand the relationship between different code sets you use on your PCC system.
  • Configure Providers