COVID-19 Links and Resources

Follow the links below to find content, services, and features that will help pediatric practices during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis.

Rapid Development of COVID-19 Related Features: PCC launched a series of rapid updates in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, we beta tested and rolled out new functionality, and have released six major updates to all clients with new features for telemedicine, office communication, COVID-19 vaccine support, and more. To review these new features, visit the Updates page.

COVID-19 Vaccines

PCC EHR supports tracking the administration, charting, and billing of the new COVID-19 vaccines. Whether or not your practice administers a COVID-19 vaccine, you can configure PCC EHR to display the vaccination on chart immunization records when patients are vaccinated.

Get Started With COVID-19 Vaccines in PCC EHR: For a guide to available vaccines, how to set them up in your PCC system, and how to order, administer, bill, and track a COVID-19 vaccine, read COVID-19 Vaccines in PCC EHR: Configure, Order, Administer, and Track.

Connect With Patients and Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Code and Bill During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Other PCC COVID-19 Information Resources


Useful Information From Other Sources

American Academy of Pediatrics

Center for Disease Control

World Health Organization


  • Last modified: July 5, 2023