Other Tools and Resources for Your Practice

Learn about PCMH, Meaningful Use, and ICD-10, find User Conference handouts, and learn about other PCC services.

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  • PCCTalk

    PCCTalk is a private, online forum and e-mail list for users of PCC’s pediatric software. You can use PCCTalk to discuss a variety of pediatric and PCC topics, such as coding, office management and workflow, and how to use PCC software to meet the needs of your practice.
  • Read the Pulse: PCC’s Newsfeed

    The Pulse is a source of news and information for PCC clients. We use The Pulse to share information about our upcoming software releases, trainings, conferences, events and web labs, as well as pediatric news and industry information.

Learn More

  • CPT II in PCC’s Partner Billing System

    Partner supports the American Medical Association's CPT II code specification, a subset of the standard CPT codes used for procedures.
  • H1N1 Vaccines and Partner

    Some pediatric offices are holding H1N1 flu clinics or administering H1N1 vaccines by appointment. There are four different H1N1 vaccines and special dosage requirements depending on patient age. You can use Partner tools to simplify your administering and tracking of H1N1 vaccine distribution.
  • 2011 Immunization Admin Codes

    In January of 2011, immunization administration CPT codes changed. The administration w/ counseling codes that pediatricians used previously (90465-90468) became invalid for billing. Two new codes (90460 and 90461) replaced them, and the replacement includes a change in the coding method, from per-shot to per-antigen.
  • Connect to PCC’s Web Conferences and Web Labs

    PCC uses the WebEx service to connect you to online training courses and training sessions.
  • Flu Clinics with Partner

    Your office can use a flu clinic to immunize your patient population quickly and efficiently.
  • Accounting Challenges

    The medical biller's job would be easier if accounts paid on time and insurance companies reimbursed the correct amount. Unfortunately, accounts build up balances and credits and insurance companies overpay, underpay, and demand "takebacks."
  • AAP Resources

    PCC offers our clients access to a number of resources from the AAP, including the Pediatric Coding Newsletter and the AAP Red Book.
  • Ask PCC For a Software Feature or Enhancement

    PCC uses your requests and comments to help decide which features and services to develop. We depend on your feedback; we can't make software without you. Read this article to learn the best way to submit a feature enhancement request or defect.
  • Resources for LGBTQIA Youth and Families

    A pediatric practice can be a valuable resource to patients and families with questions or concerns about LGBTQIA issues. At PCC’s annual Users’ Conference, we periodically hold discussion sessions and courses on supporting LGBTQIA youth.