Coding and Documentation

Learn about SNOMED, ICD-10, and rules and guidelines for documenting visits. PCC offers regular coding web labs and other great coding resources.

Training Videos

  • 2021 Evaluation & Management Workshop (11-17)

    Join pediatric billers, managers, and clinicians from across the country as we learn about and practice using the new Evaluation and Management coding guidelines for 2021. The workshop is lead by PCC's Jan Blanchard, CPC, CPEDC, CPMA, and she's joined by other familiar PCC faces. (Slides:

Get Started

  • PCC’s Billing Drop-In Sessions

    PCC’s subject matter experts, including Jan Blanchard (CPC, CPEDC), host web labs about pediatric practice management, billing, coding, and other topics. If you are a PCC client, you can sign up to attend one. At PCC’s Billing Drop-In web labs, we discuss your questions and often preview upcoming billing functionality in PCC EHR.

Learn More

  • How to Code for Immunizations and Administration

    In January of 2011, immunization administration CPT codes changed. The administration w/ counseling codes that pediatricians used previously (90465-90468) became invalid for billing. Two new codes (90460 and 90461) replaced them, and the replacement includes a change in the coding method, from per-shot to per-antigen.
  • ICD-10 Training Resources

    On October 1, 2015, insurance payers stopped accepting ICD-9 diagnosis codes for most claims and now require ICD-10. PCC created educational offerings about ICD-10, many of which are still useful years later.
  • Diagnostic Code Sets (SNOMED-CT, ICD-10, ICD-9) in PCC’s Software and Services

    How are SNOMED-CT and ICD-10 used in PCC's products and services? Where will you see each taxonomy, and will you still see ICD-9 in your patient records? This article provides a basic overview of how these different code sets appear in PCC.
  • CPT II in PCC

    Your PCC system supports the American Medical Association's CPT II code specification, a subset of the standard CPT codes used for procedures.
  • Code and Bill for E&M Office Visits

    Upon completion of encounters, a clinician selects billing codes. They often select an "Evaluation and Management" or E&M code, either for new or established patients. This is sometimes called the "office visit" code. E&M code selection is based on medical decision making and the amount of time spent.