Send a Visit to Billing

After you have added orders and diagnoses to a chart note, you can click "Bill" to start the billing process. Read below to learn more.

Training Videos

  • Billing in PCC EHR

    7 minutes • 2014
    This introductory video shows you how to bill with PCC, from the chart note all the way to the submitted claim.

Get Started

  • Send a Visit to Billing

    Follow the procedure below to send procedures and diagnoses from PCC EHR to the Partner Checkout (checkout) program.

Learn More

  • Patient Insurance Eligibility with PCC

    Partner automatically checks insurance eligibility for scheduled patients with certain insurance carriers. You can use the Eligibility program to review and confirm eligibility for upcoming appointments. Every morning, you can review batch eligibility status reports via e-mail. You can also review and re-check a patient's insurance eligibility status during patient checkin. Finally, all eligibility information is logged in the ECS Reports program.
  • Billing a PCC EHR Visit Overview

    While charting a visit in PCC EHR, you can use the Bill feature to edit an electronic encounter form and send procedures and diagnoses to the Partner billing system for patient checkout. The sections below describe the billing procedure, how to review what was billed, and how to configure the electronic encounter form.
  • Review What Was Sent to Billing

    After you bill a visit in PCC EHR, you can return to the patient chart and review what was sent to the checkout program.